Could I be further along then they think??

Okay so according to my first ‘dating’ scan, and the few midwife appointments I’ve had, I should be 34 weeks + 3 days EXACTLY today (35 weeks on friday) Which means i have 5 weeks + 4 days left to go until my [name]EDD[/name] which is 27th of [name]April[/name]. I’ve had a couple of horrible weeks and even went into hospital at 32 weeks + 6 as I was having stinging pains and tightening sensations that got to every 10 minutes apart- turned out to be a ‘pubic strain’ ( I was given 3 days worth of Cocodomol and told not to over do it… Yeah right? with a toddler?) -as I can’t possibly go into labour this early on !? I have given birth before, let’s not forget, so do have some experience in what labour is ACTUALLY like, I wouldn’t have gone in if I thought it was just [name]Braxton[/name] hicks so I can’t help but think I’m closer to Term than what has been decided for me.

BUT There are lot’s of things that suggest I’m further on than this (in my opinion) I’ll list them all in order of events :slight_smile: Please read and tell me what you think, I’d like to point out that I live In [name]England[/name] and things antenatal caregivers do here are quite different: to what I’ve read on here and various sites, in other countries.

  1. 29th [name]June[/name] 2011 I had my implant (minerva) removed and was told I’d become extremely fertile as soon as it was removed, even if I’d had sex up to 7 days BEFORE removing I could become pregnant effective immediately. Could I be pregnant from here?? if so that would make me 38 weeks around give or take 2 weeks as you do…

2. 14th [name]July[/name] 2011 Was the date I gave the midwife at my booking appointment for the ‘First day of last menstrual period’ the period lasted 4 days until the 18th (I know because this is all written on the calender!) I don’t know the length of my cycle. I have ALWAYS had irregular periods since I was 12, I was put on 3 different kinds of the pill since then to try and regulate them but suffered from the side affects from heavy bleeds, cramps, weight gain, low mood,migraines with them all and eventually had the mini pill (to combat the migraines). Since having my first son, (I was on the mini pill when I got caught pregnant, I was 17, and decided it was rubbish and obviously it hadn’t worked, I had been on the pill since being 13 so knew how to take it) [name]September[/name] 2010 (18 months ago) I haven’t had a ‘period’ because I breastfed for a good 5 months and had the contraceptive injection 4 weeks after giving birth I was told I could become pregnant again from this time (even though I bled none stop for six weeks after the birth). I chose not to have the injection the month after and had the implant instead because I was told it could last for 2 years before needing to be replaced. I decided to have it removed because the side effects were unbearable and my partner and I felt the implant were a direct cause of my low mood/depression (google them if you want to know there are too many to list!) I was scheduled to have the copper coil instead as this wasn’t hormone based (the doctor reckoned that this had been my problem in the past) the only thing is my periods would be as erratic as ever.

  1. 21st [name]July[/name] 2011 I then had a lighter (one pad a day with blood) ‘period’ that lasted for 3 days until the 24th. This didn’t seem odd to me as I have already said, my periods have always lasted random lengths of time and each month it was like a roulette with the flow (low to heavy) and sometimes I had a period in the first week of the month, lets say lasted 4 days and then had another one on or just before the last day of the month, that ran into the following month that lasted 9. Recently, after going over this whole thing, I’ve been told (by a midwife after i said i wasn’t sure how accurate the dating of this pregnancy was) this second ‘lighter period’ I had in [name]July[/name] is called spotting caused by ‘implantation’ or sometimes just changes in hormone levels etc. I’m pretty sure when this has happened before, say when I was 13, there was physically NO chance of being pregnant so thought that what she said was total rubbish. (Also bear in mind she mentioned implantation, and I have read that this happens about 2 weeks after releasing an egg if it has been fertilized, those dates don’t add up for my case as there’s only a 7 day gap between the 14th and 21st, I surely didn’t have time to release an egg in that time while i was still bleeding?? Anyhow, it gets more complicated and contradictions in what one midwife says to another start to show and I’m left scratching my head, you probably are too if your reading this!)

  2. 21st/22nd [name]August[/name] 2011 I did a pregnancy test (both days to be sure) as I hadn’t had a period yet, it wasn’t that I’d ‘missed a period’ I was just ruling out the possibility of being pregnant as I had an appointment to have the coil fitted nearly 2 weeks before doing the preg test but still hadn’t had a period. I presumed I would have had a period by this time, I had been told by my GP when I arranged my appointment, that I would have to have had a period that month before the coil was fitted and if by chance I started the day to reschedule to the day after the period had passed, I agreed to the closest slot available which was 17th [name]July[/name] (this was back in [name]June[/name] before the implant had been taken out, but me and my partner and son moved house and areas within this time and had to explain my double period to the new GP, I think he got confused so he said to just use condoms to protect myself until I got the coil fitted, it goes without saying we did I was adamant not to get pregnant again so soon as being a teenage mother already, even though we are great parents, we get comments) the new GP booked an appointment for the 22nd (just to be sure because of my stupid irregular periods, surely I’d have one by then so I could finally have the coil!) SURPRISE!!! The tests, read positive… and my situation still stands was I pregnant since having the implant removed?? we definitely didn’t misuse the condoms on the very sparse occasions the mood took us :slight_smile: Yes, It wasn’t planned at 19 with an 11 month old, we looked at every option and decided that it was just meant to be :slight_smile: We decided to wait to tell people until after my scan but going by my last period as that’s how I was told to date, I presumed by that time I must be about 5 weeks, which would make me 35 weeks + 4 days today. Could this be more accurate??

  3. 3rd [name]October[/name] 2011 I told my doctor I was pregnant before this, but this was the day I had to have a pregnancy test to confirm. I also had my booking appointment made and height,weight,blood pressure,stomach felt and measured he also listened for a heart beat, which was picked up and heard by the two of us. He said I must be at least 12 weeks as you can’t pick it up on the machine before this time (this seemed about right to me because i’d already worked 5 weeks before when I did my home test and going by that, that would have made me 12 weeks at this appointment)… and gave me the expected due date of 10th [name]April[/name] 2012. Going by this [name]EDD[/name] I would be 36 weeks + 6 days today. could this be more accurate??

  4. 28th [name]October[/name] 2011 Dating scan showed I was 14 weeks, I was expecting going by previous appointments and events to be almost 16 weeks at this scan, I had already felt movement 2 weeks before the scan and a definite, if faint, ‘kick’ 5 days after, though I was told this was impossible at 14 weeks 5 days and it was probably just ‘wind’ but if I was actually 16 weeks then could it have been likely?? Also I’ve read that if it’s a subsequent pregnancy you are more likely to feel movement earlier than the ‘18weeks to 22weeks window’ everyone was quoting, I’ve also read that usually labour is shorter/‘easier’/contractions are less painful/dilation is quicker… if this is true then yay for me.

I’ve been having strong period like achy, pass-me-a-hot-water-bottle,type pains today too along with tightening, and baby hasn’t moved around quite so much as usual today… I am convinced that I’m further on than what I’ve been told, I can’t take no for an answer! Please tell me what you think, as I feel that there’s only so many false alarms I can have before I’m actually in labour and no one will listen lol :slight_smile: xx Thanks mumberries x

Of course you might be a bit more pregnant than they think. I had an almost 8 lb baby 3 weeks “early” and I’m sure I was really further along than that all the while! [name]Don[/name]'t stress it, the baby will come when it comes. I sort of think my doctor pushed my date ahead so I wouldn’t go crazy counting down in the final weeks!

It’s entirely possible that doctors could have it wrong. You know your own body and if you think you more like 36 weeks, you may well be.

I am in the UK as well and they messed me around with dates as well, I ended up having her Oct 28th and nurses at hospital told me that she looked ‘fullterm’ but my [name]EDD[/name] was Nov 13th and I had worked it out myself as around Nov 18th. No possible way I could’ve conceived in time to have an [name]October[/name] baby! They just fobbed me off saying oh it can be out by upto two weeks but didn’t believe me when I said it wasn’t possible and she was 3 week early. >.<.

Trust your body!! From what you’ve said, id’ve guessed at the 35+4 being accurate, but I am not a doctor xx

Sorry, this was alot to follow. [name]One[/name] thing sticks out-- irregular periods. Based on that fact alone, I would say you could be further along. HOWEVER, keep in mind that the earlier your “dating scan” is the more accurate it is. In the beginning, babies all grow at the same rate. After 20 weeks or so, they can have more variation. And remember-- any due date is just an estimate. Anything 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after is normal…so I always like to think of that throughout the pregnancy too (well except for the first trimester because like I said-- there are definite milestones/measures that can’t be off that much). When you are 36 weeks…some babies have mature lungs more like a 38 weeker (full term) while others’ lungs are still very immature more like a 34 weeker.

It is not impossible to feel movement at 13-14 weeks for a 2nd time mom. I’d say anything before 13 weeks is very iffy/unlikely though unless you were very very thin or your uterus was positioned in such a way that it was allowing for the early movement feeling.

Did you have an ultrasound when you were in the hospital around 32 weeks? That may have confirmed one date or the other.

The early ultrasounds are more accurate for determining the baby’s age. However it is all APPROXIMATE-that’s why you have a four week window in which you can expect baby to arrive. Very few babies actually on their due date.

I know that earlier ultrasounds are more accurate but like I said in the UK they don’t offer them here, there and everywhere… you get one scheduled for around 12 weeks and then one at 20 weeks (there is evidence to suggest more ultrasounds can cause premature birth). I never had a scan when I went in the other week… they just don’t do it here, they rarely internally examine you until your in established labour, the only reason they did a speculum was because I mentioned feeling crappy for a couple of weeks before and asked could I have a urine infection (as my mum had one with my sister who ended up being born at 34 weeks she weighed around 4 lb which was her 3rd pregnancy/baby, and every thing I described she said mirrored her experience but the hospital wouldn’t believe she was in labour until her waters went in the waiting room) And obviously I’m aware of the ‘4 week window’ but when I went in having pains I was fobbed off because I -quote ‘‘couldn’t possibly be in labour this early,’’
I’m not date obsessed, It’s just 3 different caregivers gave me different dates and sat here knowing I have just over 5 weeks left to get the last things ready is fine but given the way I’m feeling/walking/struggling to sleep at all I don’t feel prepared lol :slight_smile:
Am I just being daft? Or is it normal to worry this much? With my son, I was induced when I was apparently 38 weeks (he was due [name]October[/name] and I thought I had loads of time left) but I went in to the town centre one day with friends, to buy hospital pjs and feeding bra, and my waters went on the escalator in Primark :slight_smile: that was a Thursday and [name]Oliver[/name] was born the [name]Sunday[/name]. I had a crap experience that time and I just want to have an easier time this time :slight_smile: Is that impossible lol xx thanks guys for reading, as I say it’s complicated but just would like opinions on it xx