Could this FN/LN name combination work?

I had dismissed the name [name]Alice[/name] because I thought it sounded bad with my surname, which is similar to Wentz. I was thinking its too much with both names ending in a /s/ sound. Now I’m wondering if it sounds that bad or not.
Any opinions? Should I take it off my list because of the s endings? I feel like I’ve said it too much now and can’t figure it out one way or the other.

Though I don’t think DH would go along with it anyway, I figure I should decide if it would even be do-able before I make my pitch :slight_smile:

If you love it enough, you could pick it. It doesn’t have the best flow though, so if you don’t [name]LOVE[/name] [name]LOVE[/name] it, I think you should pick something equally lovely:)

Yeah that was kind of my gut instinct. Now if only there was a name that I really knew that I LOVEd!!

I don’t think it sounds that bad.