Counting the days to hold her in my arms! :)

Now that I am just counting the days to deliver my first child, I am having second thoughts on the name that me and my husband chose which is Czerina [name]Ava[/name]. Well, we both wanted [name]Ava[/name] as the second name. As a first time Mom, 34 years old, don’t know if i will have another child again, I wanted to have a beautiful beautiful name for my daughter. If you have any [name]UNIQUE[/name] first name for my [name]Baby[/name], please help me! Thank you in Advance! God Bless you!

I would recommend [name]Zarina[/name] instead of Czerina, as she wouldn’t have the spelling/pronunciation problem all her life, but you would still have the sound that you like. [name]Zarina[/name] is a legitimate Persian name meaning “a golden vessel.” You may also like:

[name]Milena[/name] (mil-EE-na)

I totally agree with you. Some people find it hard to pronounce Czerina. That’s why I’m here for help. :wink: Many thanks for the name [name]Zarina[/name]. God Bless you!

[name]Zarina[/name] is a nice suggestion. I have a friend with the last name Czerny that .NO.[name]ONE[/name]. ever gets on the first try. I know it’s frustrating for him, so I’d imagine it would be harder if it was your first name. It is beautiful though, I can understand why you love it :wink:

Thank you [name]Tara[/name]! Well, my first name is [name]Cherry[/name], and CZERI sounds like it. Haha. I got the NA from my husbands name. Maybe when she grows old she can just correct people who will mispronounce her name. :wink:

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I love [name]Arabella[/name], [name]Viola[/name], [name]Dahlia[/name], [name]Melisende[/name]… etc.

I also have difficulty in pronouncing Czerina, but I think I like it. It’s sweet and cute, [name]Zarina[/name]'s pretty too but less appealing to me (Sorry!). Maybe I just prefer [name]Carina[/name] instead of [name]Zarina[/name]. haha.
Czerina [name]Ava[/name] is great. What’s your idea for nickname? Since we already predict that many people will mispronounce Czerina, I think introducing her with nickname will really help, not for all the time of course, but -form time to time.

Oh I didn’t realize Czeri sounded like “cherry.” Maybe Cherina? I know a lot of people on here don’t like made-up names, but that one is pretty cut-and-dry, and would have meaning for you.

Czerina is the prettiest spelling so I would go with that although the two names seem to flow into one another because of the two a’s.

I don’t know how to say it. Is it [name]Cherry[/name]-na? Chair-ee-na Or [name]Share[/name]-ee-na?

Czerina looks a lot like Czarina/Tsarina which is the traditional title of the last [name]Empress[/name] of [name]Russia[/name]. Is it suppose to be pronounced like [name]Serena[/name]?

Hello [name]Misha[/name], yes it pronounced like [name]SERENA[/name]. I just played with the spelling. :wink:

Thank you for those name suggestions. You have beautiful name lists by the way! Take care!

Aww… Thank you! It is supposed to be pronounced like [name]SERENA[/name]. I just played with the spelling :wink: As for her nickname, well, we call her [name]Ava[/name] for now.

Haha…well, cherry in French is [name]Cerise[/name] if I’m not mistaken. As what I explained to the others, I played with the spelling. Many thanks for your comments and suggestions.:wink:

Thanks dear! My husband loves it and I think I’m going to just go with It. Many thanks!

It’s pronounced like the name [name]SERENA[/name]. :wink:

I would just go with [name]Serena[/name], then, which is a beautiful name. I don’t think ‘cz = s’ in any language, and I think both you and she will have constant spelling/pron hassles otherwise.

Congratulations on your baby girl! You’ve chosen a pretty name! However, so that she does not spend her life constantly correcting the spelling and pronunciation of her name, I would go with the spelling “[name]Serena[/name].”

I look at this and see Zah-ree-nuh…like Russian royalty.
[name]Reading[/name] the comments I am seeing it’s Chair-ee-nuh or [name]Share[/name]-ee-nuh? For the [name]Cherry[/name] connection?

What I am getting at is it’s pretty confusing. Maybe the smush of your names is better suited as a middle name? I know I would rather have a first name all of my own…and an easier to pronounce/more familiar one at that.

I get the appeal of a name like this- she won’t meet another, it represents you & your partner, you probably like the sound. I just don’t think it would be an easy name to carry. Maybe use it as a middle & call her by it, but give her a simpler first to have as an option if she hates explaining her name every time she meets someone new.