Crew or Crewe

[name]Hi[/name]! I posted a poll under “Boy’s Names” for the name [name]Crew[/name] or [name]Crewe[/name]. I’ve gotten a lot of “I’d like the name [name]Crew[/name] if it was spelled [name]Crewe[/name]” and then if I spell it [name]Crewe[/name] I get just the opposite from others! So, I’ve gotten very mixed feeback on which spelling people prefer, so please go vote and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much!

i like it better spelled [name]Crew[/name].

I’d go with [name]Crew[/name]- that’s how the word is spelled, so adding an e is sort of like turning [name]Grace[/name] into “[name]Grayce[/name]” or [name]Hope[/name] into “Hoppe”

I agree with pp’s, I prefer [name]Crew[/name] as well