Cute Nicknames for More Sophisticated Names?

[name]Hi[/name] everyone, I was wondering what your favorite nicknames were for longer, more sophisticated names? Only for girls, of course, as I have posted one for boys in the proper thread. Thanks, and some of my favorites are:

  1. [name]Katherine[/name]/[name]Catherine[/name] nickname [name]Kate[/name]/[name]Cate[/name]
  2. [name]Evangeline[/name] nickname [name]Eve[/name]
  3. [name]Charlotte[/name] nickame [name]Charlie[/name]

So I’m curious… what are your favorites, or which ones do you think work best? Also, if you could comment on my choices I would appreciate it a lot! Thanks :slight_smile:

[name]Catherine[/name] nn [name]Cate[/name] - love it! My mom’s name is a variation of [name]Catherine[/name], so this is always a consideration for me. I’m not sure I would use it as a FN personally, but I do like it a lot, and [name]Ella[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] Lior/[name]Sofia[/name] nn [name]Ella[/name] [name]Cate[/name] is on my long list.
[name]Evangeline[/name] nn [name]Eve[/name] - absolutely love [name]Evangeline[/name]! I love [name]Eve[/name], but as a nn I would probably opt for [name]Evie[/name]. [name]Eve[/name] feels like its own name for me, since it was used on its own in the Bible.
[name]Charlotte[/name] nn [name]Charlie[/name] - [name]Charlie[/name]'s too masculine for me. I absolutely love [name]Charlotte[/name] but if I used a nn it would be either [name]Lola[/name] or [name]Lottie[/name].

This seems to be my style for girls, because I have so many favorites like this!

[name]Isabelle[/name] nn [name]Bella[/name]/[name]Belle[/name]/[name]Ella[/name]/[name]Izzy[/name]
[name]Arianne[/name] nn [name]Ari[/name]/[name]Annie[/name]
[name]Olivia[/name] nn [name]Liv[/name]/[name]Olive[/name]/[name]Livy[/name]
[name]Charlotte[/name] nn [name]Lola[/name]/[name]Lottie[/name]
[name]Liliana[/name]/[name]Lillian[/name]/[name]Lilibet[/name] nn [name]Lily[/name]/[name]Lila[/name]
[name]Genevieve[/name] nn [name]Evie[/name]/[name]Ginny[/name]
[name]Lydia[/name] nn [name]Lydie[/name]
[name]Helena[/name]/[name]Eleni[/name] nn [name]Leni[/name]
[name]Eliska[/name] nn [name]Ella[/name]
[name]Bryony[/name] nn Bry
[name]Aurelia[/name]/[name]Aurelie[/name] nn [name]Ari[/name]
[name]Elisabeth[/name] nn [name]Izzy[/name]/[name]Tilly[/name]/[name]Tess[/name]/[name]Ella[/name]
[name]Penelope[/name] nn [name]Poppy[/name]/[name]Lola[/name]
[name]Josephine[/name] nn [name]Posey[/name]/[name]Poppy[/name]
[name]Lorelei[/name] nn [name]Lola[/name]/[name]Lila[/name]
[name]Rosalie[/name] nn [name]Ro[/name]
[name]Gwendolyn[/name] nn [name]Winnie[/name]/[name]Leni[/name]/[name]Gwen[/name]
[name]Natalie[/name] nn [name]Tallie[/name]
[name]Alice[/name] nn [name]Allie[/name]/Alo

Good luck!

ETA: the other poster reminded me of a few I forgot! There are so many names like this… it’s impossible to name them all! Three I would like to add: [name]Caroline[/name]/[name]Carolina[/name] nn [name]Cara[/name]/[name]Caro[/name]/[name]Callie[/name]/[name]Lena[/name], [name]Magdalena[/name] nn [name]Magda[/name]/[name]Lena[/name]/[name]Maggie[/name]/[name]Dolly[/name], and [name]Georgiana[/name] nn [name]Georgie[/name]/[name]Annie[/name].

  1. [name]Katherine[/name]/[name]Catherine[/name] nn [name]Kate[/name]/[name]Cate[/name]: very common. I really dislike [name]Catherine[/name]/[name]Cate[/name] in any form. Other nn: [name]Katie[/name], [name]Cathy[/name], [name]Kat[/name]
  2. [name]Evangeline[/name] nn [name]Eve[/name]: Cute, but again, very common. Other nn: [name]Angie[/name], [name]Angeline[/name], [name]Evie[/name], [name]Anna[/name], [name]Angel[/name]
  3. [name]Charlotte[/name] nn [name]Charlie[/name]: Personally, I don’t like this nn. [name]Love[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name], though. I prefer a more feminine nn to go with the classic full name. [name]Lotte[/name], [name]Lottie[/name], [name]Carly[/name], [name]Carrie[/name], [name]Carol[/name]

I like [name]Abigail[/name] nn [name]Abby[/name], [name]Tabitha[/name] nn [name]Tabby[/name], [name]Elizabeth[/name] nn [name]Liza[/name], [name]Penelope[/name] nn [name]Penny[/name], [name]Cecilia[/name] nn Cici, [name]Isobel[/name] nn [name]Belle[/name], [name]Philippa[/name] nn [name]Piper[/name], [name]Georgiana[/name] nn [name]Georgie[/name] or [name]Ana[/name], and [name]Carolina[/name] nn [name]Lina[/name]. I’m sure there are more out there, but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.

This is the exact type of name I’m looking for- sophisticated but with a cute nickname for a child!
[name]Ramona[/name] & [name]Simone[/name]- [name]Mona[/name]
[name]Beatrice[/name] & [name]Bianca[/name]- [name]Bea[/name], Biba, [name]Bebe[/name]
[name]Theresa[/name]- [name]Tess[/name], [name]Tessa[/name]
[name]Veronica[/name]- [name]Vera[/name]
[name]Bernadette[/name]- [name]Bette[/name], [name]Etta[/name]
[name]Suzanna[/name], [name]Suzette[/name]- [name]Suzie[/name]
[name]Frances[/name]- [name]Frankie[/name]

I think [name]Beatrice[/name]- Biba or [name]Veronica[/name]- [name]Vera[/name] will be my second daughter (if i’m lucky enough to have one!!)

  1. [name]Katherine[/name]/[name]Catherine[/name] nickname [name]Kate[/name]/[name]Cate[/name] - I prefer [name]Kat[/name], [name]Kay[/name], and [name]Kitty[/name] for [name]Katherine[/name] and [name]Cat[/name], [name]Cathy[/name] for [name]Catherine[/name].

  2. [name]Evangeline[/name] nickname [name]Eve[/name] - [name]Van[/name] is more appealing to me, or [name]Lena[/name], but I really dislike [name]Eve[/name] all the time.

  3. [name]Charlotte[/name] nickame [name]Charlie[/name] - [name]Lottie[/name].

Names with nicknames I like:
[name]Susannah[/name] NN [name]Susie[/name]
[name]Imogen[/name] NN [name]Gen[/name]
[name]Penelope[/name] NN [name]Penny[/name]
[name]Elspeth[/name] NN [name]Ellie[/name]
[name]Aurora[/name] NN [name]Rory[/name].

[name]Katherine[/name] nn [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Charlotte[/name] nn [name]Charlie[/name]
[name]Aurora[/name] nn [name]Rory[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] nn [name]Angel[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name]/[name]Alexandria[/name] nn [name]Alex[/name], [name]Lexa[/name], [name]Andy[/name]

  1. [name]Catherine[/name] nickname [name]Cate[/name] - I think the ‘C’ looks more sophisticated.
  2. [name]Evangeline[/name] nickname [name]Eve[/name] - I really like [name]Eve[/name] its just a prettier, calmer sound. [name]Evangeline[/name] is very pretty in a romantic way aswell.
  3. [name]Charlotte[/name] nickame [name]Charlie[/name] - [name]Charlotte[/name] is nice but thats all to me. I dont like [name]Charlie[/name] on a girl, i prefer [name]Lottie[/name].
    From your list i like [name]Evangeline[/name]:[name]Eve[/name] but i find the others a bit boring, sorry.

[name]Guinevere[/name]: [name]Vera[/name]
[name]Carlotta[/name]: [name]Lottie[/name]
[name]Dorothy[/name]: [name]Dottie[/name]
[name]Penelope[/name]: [name]Penny[/name], [name]Nell[/name]
[name]Vivienne[/name]/[name]Lavinia[/name]: [name]Liv[/name]
[name]Winola[/name]/[name]Winona[/name]/[name]Winifred[/name]: [name]Winny[/name]