Dance Competition BNG 2021 Edition

Congrats! One or more of your children is involved in competitive dance! Don’t worry, majority of dance moms are not like the ones you see on TV. Majority.

[name_m]Roll[/name_m] this Dice:
For each question


How many kids do you have?
1: 2 kids
2: 5 kids
3: 3 kids
4: 8 kids
5: 4 kids
6: 1 kid
7: 2 kids
8: 6 kids

How many kids compete in dance? (Go to and enter the number of kids you have in place of 100. Hit Generate. That number is how many of your kids compete. Both boys and girls can compete. You pick which ones compete)

[name_m]Roll[/name_m] for genders: (Odd: Boy. Even: Girl.)

What are their names? (Your choice)

How old are your kids? (You pick. If they’re competing, they must be older than 5 but younger than 18.)

What studio do they dance for?
You pick!

This weekend, your child/ren have a dance competition!

What competition are you attending? (these are all ones from the U.S. since I don’t know any international ones)
1: Stage One
2: Talent on Parade
3: Hall of Fame
4: Showstopper
5: In10sity
6: StarQuest
7: Tremaine
8: Kids Artistic Revue (KAR)

How many dances are your kids doing? (Roll for each competitor. If you want, they can be in the same dance to make things easier)
Roll the dice, 1-8

What style? One has to be a jazz but for the rest: (Roll for each dance)
1: Jazz
2: Ballet
3: Tap
4: Hip Hop
5: Modern
6: Lyrical
7: Contemporary
8: Acrobatic

Are they doing a solo/duet/trio? This is included in their number of dances UNLESS they are only doing one. If they’re only in one dance, that is the main team/production number so either add this one on or choose another child.
Even= Yes
Odd= No

IF YES: (Roll to see what they’re doing)
1: Solo
2: Duet
3: Trio
4: Solo
5: Duet
6: Trio
7: Solo
8: Duet

If they’re doing a duet or a trio, their partners’ name is your choice.

Continue to the next part

After a long day of watching your child/ren dance their heart out while you and all the other parents scream your lungs out, it’s finally time for awards!

[name_m]Roll[/name_m] for each dance for their award: (FYI: Every competition does awards a little differently. For some, the best is platinum, for others it’s first, and for others it’s like quadruple-platinum-diamond-crystal-high-first-etc. This is just a basic competition setup.)
1: Gold
2: High gold
3: Platinum
4: Double Platinum
5: Gold
6: High gold
7: Platinum
8: Double Platinum

If a dance got platinum or double platinum, roll for their place in overall awards! (If the same child or children of the same or similar age got more than one platinum/double platinum and the platinum gets a higher overall than the double, roll again)
1 is first, 2 is second, etc.

[name_m]Roll[/name_m] to see if any of the dances got a Judge’s Choice award.
1-2: Yes!
3-8: No

IF YES: (Roll to see what award. You pick which dance it goes with)
1: Costume
2: Choreography
3: Originality
4: Precision
5: Diva
6: Performance
8: Timing

IF NO: continue onto the next part

List any other information you want such as song titles, costume description, props, etc. Be creative!

If you’re done, list your family and the competitor(s)'s dances plus awards!

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] you had fun!