Deacon, Isaac and ??

I just started writing a story that’s been in my head for the last couple of days, but I can’t seem to name the main character! I’m usually really good with that, but none of the names I’ve come up with work for her, or work with the names of her brothers. It’s strange for me, but I found [name]Deacon[/name] and [name]Isaac[/name]'s names before even thinking about her name, and now I can’t find the perfect name for her.

Names are so important to me in writing. So much of the character’s personality comes with his or her name, for me at least. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

BTW, [name]Deacon[/name] and [name]Isaac[/name] are twins who are two years older than the main character.

Going by her brothers names, here’s what I think could work.
[name]Deacon[/name], [name]Isaac[/name] and:


[name]Hope[/name] this helps

Okay, I’m thinking this:

[name]Deacon[/name], [name]Isaac[/name], and …

[name]Aspen[/name] love

[name]Hope[/name] this helps!