deleting posts?

Why cant we delete a thread after posting a question? [name]Say[/name] if you ask a question and then change your mind and want to delete the question?

That would be really nice. The ability to do this would make me feel comfortable posting my last name so that people could put my name lists into perspective. I’ve tried messaging admins to have old threads removed and they never do, so I don’t participate in the boards anymore.

Yellow, you can always edit your last name out of posts. I would just put it up for a couple days and ask people not to quote it or write it in their responses.

I believe you can delete a thread or a post as long as no one has replied to it, or replied after you. I have no clue why that is. I know in the past they have taken deleted stuff for people, but they probably want to save that for the more extreme situations instead of everyone just changing their minds and then asking them to take down your thread… But yeah I don’t know why we can’t just do it ourselves.

Sorry, probably not helpful.

No you cant delete a post even if no one has replied to it, even if you post something and then change your mind, one minute later, its too late.

Also, you cant edit your name out if, someone who has replied to the thread, copies your entire post (replies to it directly) then its on the thread forever.

Lastly, yes its very hard to get threads, deleted, their has to be a good reason.

No, that’s helpful to know!

I’m used to boards where the mods are happy to take down threads for whatever reason, or no reason at all. It’s up to the poster whether they’re comfortable leaving their posts up. I’ve routinely had threads deleted after they’ve served their purpose, after as little as a day or as much as three years.

[name]Every[/name] board is different, and of COURSE they’re entitled to run things as they wish, I’m just so used to having control over content that I contribute that not having that control makes me second-guess whether I should post at all!

I completely agree. I have posted my children’s names on here and am happy to do so for the purpose of asking people’s advice in the short term. However, I would really like the option to delete the thread once it has run its course so that the names cannot be identified later.

That’s exactly where I’m coming from.

Me too, my partner actually found the thread where I posted all of our kids full names (including our last name) by google searching the name we’ve chosen for our son. He was really upset. I want to delete that thread after we’ve decided on both of our twins names. It’s nice to have it to go back to during the naming process, because feedback really helps me, but I don’t want my kids to be searchable on the Internet. Especially since it’s my fault, and they’re very young.

Maybe [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] will notice this thread and help us! :smiley:

It’s easy enough to edit your OWN posts (and I have done this) but when people quote you – it just becomes a hassle to track down everyone and ask them to please remove what you want. (And honestly, I wouldn’t want to do that because it makes you seem paranoid having to ask several people to edit things. Not everyone has the same ideas of what they feel is acceptable). So basically I agree with what everyone is saying. Another option might be to make the boards more private or don’t allow the google/search engine “bots” to pick up things. Is that even an option, I dunno! I’m not technically saavy.

Plus sides on all this – we have private messaging now. I was able to try out my last name with a few others this way. The search feature here is kinda neat. (just on this site not talking about googling a name) It’s so easy to find what other threads were posted about a certain name in the past. Sometimes you find cool middle name combos or other name suggestions you might not think of on your own.

That would be fantastic