Desperately need help!!

So I have 11 days until my due date…I am predicting he will come early so that means less than 11 days. Anyway we still can not agree on any names. It is beyond frustrating! I have a couple rules…not top 100 and no K or M names…our daughter’s name starts with a K and our last name starts with an M. Our last name is Polish and difficult, so we have to always keep that in mind since he really will have this name for the rest of his life. It is, Mlynczyk ([name]Mil[/name]-in-check to kind of know how to pronounce it). Our daughter’s name is [name]Keila[/name] ([name]Ky[/name]-la). Please give me any suggestions!!

I’m not sure what kind of names you prefer, but below are some names that I think sound good with your last name:


More ideas-

hmmm some more ideas…


Thanks for the ideas :slight_smile: There are a few on the lists that are also on my list, but hubby wasn’t a fan of them. I don’t know what we are going to do! I have looked at so many lists and sites. I am just hoping someone might suggest something that pops out at hits me in the face! Haha. Thanks again!

What names are on your list and what names are on his list?

We would love to see your lists so that we can give you better feedback!

[name]How[/name] about:


Yes, would definitely help us help you if you tell us five or ten names that you sorta like and five that you hate, for instance.

DH doesn’t like any of these but I do!


There were some more but I ruled them out as well as him.

He really loves


which I said could be the middle name.

He also now likes


but it starts with an M and I don’t like that.

We both kind of liked


But [name]Braylen[/name] is also used for girls (spelled differently) and [name]Brennen[/name] is kind of a mouthful. I suggested [name]Brenden[/name] instead of [name]Brennen[/name] but DH didn’t like that either.