I recently met a [name]Diana[/name], a lovely, super smart college student, and her name fit her like a glove. WDYT of [name]Diana[/name]?

I’ve grown to love the name [name]Diana[/name]. It took awhile but it happened - gradually. It’s a mythological name so comes with a long legacy. It’s rarely chosen and seems to be falling in popularity for some unknown reason (No# 191 last year in the US). It’s lovely, lyrical, elegant and quite timeless. Of course, [name]Diana[/name], [name]Princess[/name] of [name]Wales[/name] comes to mind but she doesn’t dominate the name like some other namesakes do. A beautiful goddess of the hunt. Wonderful choice.

I love the name [name]Diana[/name]. Its my mother’s given name and I just think its the perfect namesake. I also love the ties to [name]Roman[/name] mythology. The only problem for me is that it was the middle name of my niece who just passed away a few months back. Otherwise, I would use it for another daughter.

I really like [name]Diana[/name] because of its mythology connection (yet still usable and familiar). The only reason I wouldn’t use it is because it sounds a liitle dated to me. When I think of a [name]Diana[/name] or a [name]Diane[/name] I think of a woman in her fifties.

There’s this place in [name]Italy[/name] called [name]Siena[/name] which is landlocked and has no lakes or rivers, but since forever people have reported hearing the sound of water running underground in certain parts of the town. It’s known as the Ghost [name]River[/name] of [name]Siena[/name] and is named after the goddess, [name]Diana[/name]. That’s the first thing I think of!

Second thing I think of is the song Dirty [name]Diana[/name] by [name]Michael[/name] [name]Jackson[/name] :slight_smile:

I really want to like [name]Diana[/name], but for some reason it’s just not very interesting to me. (and I’m not one to like overly odd names). I think it’s the proximity to [name]Diane[/name], [name]DeAnna[/name], [name]Deanna[/name], et al. But I would give props to a parent who used it.

I find [name]Diana[/name] very pretty and classy : )