Did I read this or dream it? :-) Opinions on Faybrie/Faybrey/Faybree...

Okay, so I thought I was pretty set on [name]Waverly[/name] for a girl. But, this morning I woke up thinking of this name. I was up all night long with my 5-year old daughter and 3-year old son (both suffering from strep throat), so maybe I’m just over-tired.

Thoughts? Opinions? What do you think of when you hear this? Which spelling do you prefer.

Thanks Berries for all your wonderful insight.

If we have a boy – woha are we in trouble. Still no agreement on that front. The next four weeks will be some tough negotiating time.

Have a happy day!

I’m sorry, but I don’t like Faybree or any spelling at all. Stick with [name]Waverly[/name] if that’s what you liked already. i hate that I’m the first response and that i’m negative, but Faybree sounds made up. [name]Fabre[/name] ( I think this is how it’s spelled) said fuh-bray is okay. Or just phonetic spelling, Fubray. Maybe that?

Anyway though, I prefer [name]Waverly[/name] of any of these.

I agree, Faybree et al. sounds made up. I like [name]Fabre[/name], but maybe not for a first name. [name]Waverly[/name] is lovely.

Makes me think of [name]Quinn[/name] Fabray from Glee!

Agree with nicole_1024 :slight_smile:
It also makes me think of Febreeze
I like [name]Waverly[/name]. It makes me think of Hair’s [name]Frank[/name] [name]Mills[/name] song :slight_smile:

lol, yeah, sorry, this was my first thought, too. When I saw the name, it sounded so familiar but I have no clue where I heard it before… and not that it just reminded me of [name]Quinn[/name] Fabray, but that I had actually heard the name before. I don’t know, haha. It’s not my cup of tea, but I love [name]Waverly[/name]! What a great choice.

Good luck!

I agree that it sounds made up. I’m pretty sure that it is made up, actually.

Stick with [name]Waverly[/name].

I think of [name]Quinn[/name] Fabray on Glee and [name]Nanette[/name] Fabray the old musical theater actress. Sooo, not quite made up, but I don’t care for it. [name]Faye[/name] is nice though.

I agree with the other replies, stick to [name]Waverly[/name].

In general, my rule is if you don’t know how to spell it, don’t use it.
Faybrie/ey/ee/whatever just seems like a smoosh of nicknames, while [name]Waverly[/name] seems like a full, complete name.

I don’t like it at all…it sounds like fabreze…I don’t really think [name]Waverly[/name] is a name…it is like the disney channel show …and wavy potato chips

If you like the way it sounds maybe You’d like [name]Fabricia[/name]/ [name]Fabrizia[/name] (roman/Italian) its a little close to febreeze though :frowning:

lol at the poster above, [name]Waverly[/name] is a name. A nice and popular name among nameberries.

As for “If you don’t know how to spell a name, don’t use it.” I say blah to that too. I didn’t know how to spell my daughters name when I first heard it. I did end up spelling it wrong, but it doesn’t matter. People can still say her name, and her name is gorgeous.

Faybree isn’t really my personal cup of tea, and I think you should think about it hard before you commit to changing from [name]Waverly[/name]. A lot of times when you have found, “The name” other names try to wiggle into your ear and change your mind. I have seen a lot of people experiance name regrett for not going with what felt right first. Lots of luck!

nicole_1024 and I were thinking the same thing - [name]Quinn[/name] from Glee was the first thing that popped into my head!

If anything, go with [name]Fable[/name], [name]Faye[/name], or [name]Bree[/name]. Other than that, please stick with [name]Waverly[/name], I agree Faybree and etc is reminiscent of [name]Quinn[/name] Fabray and sounds made up which is never a good thing.

I also thought of Febreeze immediately. Name sounds made up. I agree with the idea of sticking to [name]Waverly[/name]