Did you dream you didn't use it, then you used it?

Did any of you ever pick out a name while pregnant, and then have a dream where you considered using the name but then rejected it, then in real life when the baby was born you used the name you rejected in the dream? I had a dream a while ago where someone gave me the baby girl I’m pregnant with right now and she was like one year old, and I was about to call her the name that’s at the top of our list but then I was like really unsure about it (which I was at the time as well), but then I thought of using some of the other names I’ve liked but came up with reasons to reject them too and ultimately didn’t end up settling on anything in the dream. Now I think I want to use the name I was really unsure of in the dream, but I wonder if it’s like a bad sign or something that I thought it was bad in the dream, or if it was 100% a result of me stressing so much about names at the time! Did anyone else go with a dream-rejected name?

ETA: If it didn’t happen to you, what’s your opinion on the situation anyway?

Anybody at all?

Have not had the situation, but I’m a little bit of a freak about dreams, so I’ll bite…

From reading the description of your dream and from some of your other posts, I think you’re brain is just processing through your worries, you were trying different names on her that youve rejected awake and couldnt decide, this sounds like what you were going through with your favorite name(s) in real life.

Could also read it as a manifestation of all your fears that the name you choose won’t be “right.”

More on the symbolism side…hearing a name as a dream symbol is often about focusing on a person you know with that name–perhaps your dream is more about wondering what kind of person your baby will be and, since youve been thinking so much about names, pondered it in terms of “Is she a ____ or a _____ or why not a _______”

I don’t think it’s any kind of bad omen. [name]Hope[/name] that made sense and helps!

And PS- remember that pregnancy dreams can be C-R-A-Z-Y…a friend of mine had a dream while she was pregnant that she was going to marry a piece of fried chicken. [name]Don[/name]'t stress too much over what it all means. :wink:

Oh my gosh yes they’re crazy, just off the top of my head I had a way grosser marriage-related dream during my first pregnancy - I dreamt I was going to marry a disembodied evil brain with a face. It was awful!

Thank you so much for your response! I agree with everything you said, but I wasn’t comparing to anyone in real life with the names I was thinking about since I don’t know anyone with those names in real life. Well, except one of the last names I tried on the baby in the dream was the name of a recent celeb baby that I only kind of liked (the name, not the baby, obviously don’t know the baby), but that’s it.

I think the dream just shows that you worried about the name, whether it was right one. That’s it :slight_smile: