Do you think Scarlett will enter the top 100?

See the results of this poll: Do you think Scarlett will ever enter the top 100?

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  • Yes: 16 (89%)
  • No: 2 (11%)

Depends where you live but here in britain it is quite popular imo

I’m in [name]Canada[/name] and as a teacher, I’ve never met a [name]Scarlett[/name]. (I’m not around babies though). Since I hear it being thrown around a lot, I’m expecting to possibly see a rush in a couple years…?

It has jumped 600-something places in ten years. [name]Scarlet[/name] has is also rising.

This poll should have been “[name]Will[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name] enter the top 10?”

And my answer to that would be “No; there’ll hardly be room once [name]Ruby[/name], [name]Ivy[/name], [name]Isla[/name], [name]Matilda[/name] and [name]Nevaeh[/name] make it.”

[name]Scarlett[/name] was my favorite name for years, back when it wasn’t common. I’m almost certain it’ll be in the top 50 by the time I have a daughter.