Due in July. Which name do you like best?

My husband and I are having trouble deciding on a name and I’d love your help. We don’t LOVE any of the below names but these are the front runners so far:

  1. Amelia
  2. Reese
  3. Jane (Janie)
  4. Emma

Our last name is Girard and the middle name
would be different for each name but we like Jean, Elizabeth and Catherine as middle names generally.

Thanks in advance!

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I love Emma! I know it’s popular, but it’s just so so lovely! My second pick would be Jane!

Welcome to Nameberry! I really like your list! I’ll give you my thoughts on each name, plus some additional suggestions they remind me of in sound and/or style!

Amelia–Beautiful, flowing, lively name with a plethora of nicknames (Amy, Mellie, Millie, Melia, Lia, Mia, etc.). Amelia Jean is a delightful combo. This name is very popular (at least in the U.S., I’m not sure about other places). I don’t think it will ever feel trendy, though, because it’s just a lovely classic. Amelia reminds me of:


Reese–This one strikes me as distinct from your other choices. It feels sleek, modern, and unisex. Reese Elizabeth or Reese Catherine would make a nice balanced pairing. I also think Reese would make a great middle–Amelia Reese, maybe? Reese reminds me of:


Jane (Janie)–Ooh, I love this one. Jane is one of those names that’s classic and completely familiar, but so underused. I would love to meet a little Janie. I personally would prefer this one with a slightly more adventurous middle, but Jane Elizabeth or Jane Catherine are undoubtedly lovely. Jane reminds me of:


Emma–Sweet, energetic, and an all around great name, but very popular. That said, if it’s your favorite, the popularity really doesn’t matter all that much. Emma Jean would be a very sweet first-middle pair. Emma reminds me of:


Jane is kind of unexpected! I had to think about it for a second, but I think it’s nice as it has such a rich history and a wholesome, girl-next-door kind of vibe.

Amelia and Emma are lovely choices. Reese isn’t my style, but is absolutely useable!

Jane Elizabeth is my favorite

My favourite is Emma, I personally wouldn’t use it in US (because of its popularity), but it’s a lovely name.

My second favourite is Jane, it’s classic and pretty.

My third favourite is Amelia. It’s also popular, but a nice name. Though I’d prefer Amelie.

My least favourite is Reese, I’m not a fan of it (maybe that’s because unisex and modern names aren’t my style).

I love Emma Catherine, Jane Elizabeth and Amelia Jean!

Reese and Jane are sweet

I’d suggest

They’re all gorgeous names and I think any would do great with your surname. Besides Jane Jean most of the middles you mention would work with any of them, too!

Some other ideas if you haven’t found one that feels right yet (though my partner and I were still mulling between 3 after ours was born!):
Felicity Jane
Lydia Elizabeth
Kate Elizabeth

Amelia and Jane would be the front runners for me. I love Amelie, Amara, and June for you as suggestions. Amelie and Amara are much like Amelia but with a twist and not as common.

Amelia Jean melts my heart! If you feel you have not quite found the name you love, might you enjoy?
Eliza Jean
Celia Catherine
Rose Catherine
Ada Jean
Vera Catherine
Cora Jean
Nora Catherine
Lila Jean
Mae Elizabeth
Tess Elizabeth

My favorites in order:

  1. Jane/Janie
  2. Amelia
  3. Emma
  4. Reese

Emma, then Amelia as a second

I always feel conflicted about Emma because it’s so popular, but so darn pretty!

I love Amelia. Amelia Catherine is sweet, although I think Amelia Reese would be cooler!

Amelia is a nice name! Some similar names might be Amy or Mia, Eleanor, Lucy, Eloise, Alice, or some name with classic charm.

While I’m not a huge fan of Reese, some similar names (short, unisex, modern) might be Quinn, Rory, Charlie, or Dale.

Jane is great! It’s been considered plain for long enough that it is now a strong and surprising choice with plenty of history! For similar sounding names, June, Jean, and Jenna, and for classic sounding names, Alice, Lucy, Margaret, Claire/Clara, Mary, Catherine, Eliza, Violet, Ida, and other names that seemed stuffy but are now coming back.

I also think Emma is very pretty, as long as you don’t mind some name twins. Other names that remind me of Emma are Lily, Bella, Chloe, Charlotte, and Isabel.

Overall, I like Jane and Amelia the best. Jane Catherine sounds nice, as well as Amelia Jean (I tend to go for combinations of a longer and shorter name).

Good luck on finding a name that you love!

Jane is definitely my favourite out of these, unexpected and cool imo. If you like Reece on a boy, id suggest saving it, perhaps with the spelling of Rhys :flushed:

Favourite combo would be Jane Elizabeth

Your list is beautiful. My top 3 would be Jane, Emma and Amelia! Today, my vote goes to Jane. I would love to meet a baby Jane nowadays. It would be so refreshing!

Jane is my favorite! I love Jane Elizabeth Girard or Jane Catherine Girard.

Amelia is second. Amelia Jean Girard or Amelia Catherine Girard are pretty.
Emma is lovely too, I just feel it’s very popular. Emma Jean or Emma Elizabeth sound nice. I’m not a fan of Reese.

I would probably choose Amelia Jean from your list.

Names with a similar feel you might love more…


I think Jane Amelia would be absolutely darling.