Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms/Signs?

Hello there Berries!

I’ve been lingering on the name boards for several months now, and now that we are officially TTC I’ve made my way over to the Momberries board and have been lurking here for a few weeks.

Like I said my husband and I are officially TTC and I’m wondering if we have succeeded?! I have about a week to go until I see if I miss my period or not. But I’m already wondering if I’m noticing some minor symptoms. I just kind of feel different and have been noticing just a few minor things that could be signs of pregnancy. Or it could be just my own wishful thinking making me attribute these things to pregnancy symptoms.

Most notably I have had a significant increase in urination (frequency and amount, sorry if that’s TMI). I also have had some very minor cramping (which I have heard can come from implantation) and heightened emotion.

So I’m wondering if any of you had any signs or symptoms of early pregnancy before you even missed your period.

Thanks so much ladies!

Not to rain on your parade but the sucky thing about early pregnancy symptoms is that they’re basically the same symptoms as PMS. Cramps, tender breasts, frequent urination, and feeling tired or highly emotional are all signs that you could be pregnant but they’re also all signs that your period could be starting soon. Depending on what type of birth control you were using, your period being late might not even be a guarantee. When I was first TTC, my period was three days late (I’ve never had one that was more than two days late and even those were highly unusual) and I was sure I was pregnant so I took a pregnancy test which came back negative. A day later, I started my period. The next month I did get pregnant but I didn’t test until my period was a week late because I wanted to be really sure before testing again.

So yeah, you could be pregnant or it could just be typical PMS stuff. Fingers crossed that you’re pregnant though!

My main symptom is fatigue. I’m 6 weeks. Luckily I’ve only got sick a couple of times and once was the night I found out I was pregnant.

What pansy says is true–early pregnancy symptoms are the same as PMS symptoms. [name]Both[/name] times before taking a test, I simply thought I was getting my period. Couldn’t tell the difference at all.

With my first pregnancy, it was fatigue, like gigigibbons. I literally felt like I’d been run over by a truck. I also had heartburn right away, that lasted the entire pregnancy!!

Good luck :o

Fatigue always hits me big time – before a positive test. I also have had impantation spotting about 6-8 days after ovulation almost every time. Tender breasts is another big sign for me because that doesn’t usually happen until a day before or day of my period-- not a week before when I’m pregnant.

I knew something was up when I started falling asleep everywhere. I was so exhausted it almost felt like I had been drugged. It’s definitely a “different” kind of tired. And dizziness/spinning was my next symptom.

My first symptom was at three weeks, so one week before my period. Any time I got chilled, my nipples hurt like crazy. It felt like I was being stabbed through the chest, and it didn’t let up till I got in the shower and got nice and warm. The pain was crazy, and it didn’t stop happening till about two weeks after my son was born. After breast feeding for that long, my nipples had very little feeling left :wink: Sorry if TMI, but that was a big symptom right off the bat. My next symptom was morning sickness, and that started at 5 weeks. I hope you are pregnant! Good luck, and lots of baby dust :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies ladies. Yeah, I know alot of the earliest symptoms are the same as common PMS symptoms. The main thing that has me wondering is the frequent urination. That is something that I’ve never had related to PMS or my period. Also, the cramping started about 12 days before I would expect my period and I never have any cramping until the day before I start my period or the day of. I guess only time will tell. I’m just anxious.

Thanks ladies!

The cramping you experienced could be from implantation or ovulation. Have you ever noticed little twinges when you ovulate?

I totally forgot about the dizziness. I experienced that big time with my first the day before I took the test. Also, my nipples did start to change right away. The aureoles became much bigger and darker, so that by the time I took the tests, my husband said he could already tell. Still, I thought I was just getting my period (negative thinking the first time, wishful thinking the second).

[name]One[/name] I always get is a heightened sense of smell. Not everyone gets this though.

Really interesting replies, I’ve kind of been wondering about this too. I thought we were already past ovulation this month and were planning to TTC next (well, my cycles have been off lately, so who knows, we werent actively trying or preventing in recent history) Only 6-7 days past ovulation and some off stuff has been going down.

  1. I dont want my coffee. I’d been cutting myself off at 2 cups a day to prepare to TTC, and last few days I seriously cant finish my first cup. Not normal for me.
  2. I made myself an apple chicken salad wrap today that I’ve made a million times and I swear it tasted horrific, like, somewhere between lemon juice and tin foil. If I’m not either getting sick or having implantation symptoms, I need to seriously reconsider this brand of frozen chicken.
  3. I think I had a hot flash this morning.

So now that I’m a big old hypochondriac, lol, I guess we’ll wait and see if AF decided to make an appearance or not.

In my first pregnancy, the first symptom was a weird taste in my mouth- kind of like blood. Kept checking to see if I’d cut a tooth or something…
Yep, fatigue which doesn’t lift after sleep/rest was the other main one for me

Well, I’ve just experienced my first wave of nausea and a bit of dizziness. Also, the past few days I’ve been dead tired. I fall asleep on a dime, and when I wake up I’m ready to fall right back asleep.

So maybe my inital feeling was right. We will see. I have about 4 days until my period should come. If I don’t get it then I’ll do a home test.

Thanks again for your imput ladies!

All good signs–good luck!

Some at home tests claim they can be accurate up to 6 days before your missed cycle… you might be able to test sooner if you’re anxious about it.

About 4/5 days before my expected period, I had weird little pinching in my uterus like cramps, nothing like I’d ever felt before, I knew something was up then! I got a glaringly bright positive 3 days before my expected period with a First Response test! Why not pick one up and give it a try??

My first sign were my breasts - they started growing instantly, and my nipples were sensitive (they are literally never ever sensitive) so I knew something was up. IBut because everyone is different - you’re sign might be the urination. Truthfully, if anything, I’m peeing less than I did before, so there’s no real formula on what will happen to you.

I actually had a weird “feeling” I was pregnant. This is my first, and I had no idea what to expect, but I was under 4 weeks and hadn’t been TTC very long. I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant at all, but I felt a little different (that or I am just naturally paranoid). I did have two big symptoms though that led me to take a test, and that was lots of fatigue (I’m not a nap person, not even on my period, and I felt tired all the time)… and I had very sensitive smell. I worked at a hospital though, but I noticed that I smelled things more strongly somehow… I thought I was going crazy.