Edward Duke Rancic

First of all, I am thrilled beyond words for [name]Giulianna[/name] and [name]Bill[/name] Rancic! She has been through so much with the cancer diagnosis and their infertility struggles. [name]Bill[/name] is her rock and he is genuinely kind, smart, funny, and will make a great father. Congrats to the new parents and God bless their gestational carrier for giving birth to their biological child.

Now for the name…[name]Edward[/name] [name]Duke[/name]. I personally expected at least one of the names to have a bit of Italian flair because of G’s family heritage. I think it flows well. I’m not a fan of [name]Edward[/name] (even though it was my grandfather’s name) and it’s popularity because of the Twilight saga. And although [name]Duke[/name] has a royal connection, to me it screams country/Southern, gambling, bank robbery, etc. and just has kind of a rusty edge that I don’t think seems fitting to the sophisticated, trendy, polished Rancic’s. It’s not my taste but at least it’s not a whacked out name and I am soo happy for them!

yay! i’m happy for them, too! i like edward…don’t really know about duke, though. but i think it’s a nice masculine name! :slight_smile:

[name]Edward[/name] is lovely and its special for them because it means something. [name]Edward[/name] was the name of [name]Bill[/name]'s father who sadly passed away from cancer. [name]Bill[/name] is the only boy of four children so its quite sweet to think that this new baby boy will carry on the Rancic name on.

Oh, that’s a really nice sentiment and story to tell their child!

I’m also not sure about [name]Duke[/name]. I like [name]Edward[/name] [name]William[/name] better.

I’m very happy for them and I know this child will be so loved!

I only just realized but [name]Giuliana[/name]'s father is called [name]Eduardo[/name], so the baby’s name is connected to both grandfathers.


I think it’s a fantastic name, I love it.

I’m not a fan of [name]Duke[/name] as a first name, but I think it works well in the middle spot.

Congratulations to them.

[name]Edward[/name] is sweet cause of it’s meaning to them, [name]Duke[/name] is great & butches [name]Edward[/name] up a bit!

Maybe he’ll be called [name]Ned[/name].