Egg2 vs Icandy Peach 7 😀

[name_f]My[/name_f] friend is having a girl in the summer and is torn between 2 pushchair bundles (not a parentberry myself but gave her a bit of advice based on what I heard about both) and I thought I’d post here since you might be more knowledgeable on this topic. The 2 brands that she has finally narrowed down too and is contemplating are egg2 (Quartz caught her eye recently as it fit her criteria) and icandy peach 7 (Biscotti just caught her eye even though that colour wasn’t in the running previously) (bundles include the car seat, puschair and carrycot amongst other things but the colours are subject to change and she is looking at these ones specifically as they do doubles and she’s planning on having them close in age- I think they are UK based brands so I don’t know whether they are sold elsewhere). Which one would you recommend, how were your experiences with either if you used them ? Other recommendations are welcome even though she’s pretty much narrowed it down to these 2 ?

I haven’t owned either but I know in my mum groups, they complained that the Egg is tiny and doesn’t last very long at all (both carrycot and seat unit). So I’d pick the [name_f]Peach[/name_f].

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I have bought the Icandy Peach 7 but haven’t had a chance to use it yet as the baby hasn’t arrived and neither has the puschair due in May, so far I’m pleased with my choice