What do you think of this name? It means snowdrop. I love it.

It is pronounced EYE-ER-LISS

I really like it. But then I’m biased because I adore Welsh names :slight_smile:

I really should prefer the EYR-liss pronunciation as this is the South [name]Wales[/name] prn from where my grandfather hailed. However, I tend to go more for the [name]North[/name] [name]Wales[/name] AYR-liss instead.

Not a fan. I am all for different but do you really want you or your daughter to have to pronounce the name to everyone she meets. plus it sounds like eyeless.

it sounds nice but it doesnt look nice on paper.

I am not a fan of names like this. I think im to literal for names to be spelled diffrently then they are pronounced, so most welsh and scottish names are a little wird to me. I never understood how that was supposed to say what the pornouncition is