Elective C section?

I am not pregnant we are TTC our third from [name_f]May[/name_f].

I was thinking a lot about c sections and that I would probably ask for one this time round due to the following reasons.

-I have higher end of normal Blood pressure, which is likely to be elevated more from the 2nd trimester onwards, which of course puts me at risk for pre-eclampsia.

  • I had post partum hemorrhages with my previous boys. One resulting in two blood transfusions.

  • I have sinus tachycardia in my pregnancies ( high resting pulse) which is a lot on my heart as my resting pulse is equivalent to running a marathon.

Do you think it’s reasonable for me to ask for a c section given the above?
I am in the UK so I’d be interesting in hearing experiences with asking for an elective C section? And would this be classed as an elective C section or does it just get classed as scheduled/warranted one lol due to my health??

What happens exactly, do they call and schedule and let you chose from some dates?

Was the recovery ok?
Would you recommend it?


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Totally reasonable. You need to advocate for your own health. Don’t ‘ask.’ You don’t need permission to deliver your baby from your body in a medical event the way that you want and feel is best for your health.

My c section recovery was great, much better than my friends’ vaginal recoveries. That said, I had an amazing surgeon who focuses on minimally invasive…well, everything. You won’t want just any OB to do the csection. You’ll find that recovery experiences vary greatly. A great surgeon will do a much better surgery and incision/closure, which will affect recovery experience greatly.

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Do you think I am likely to get one if I ask? I would honestly be so worried a third time. I have the emotional/mental resilience it’s just the physical lets me down lol

I’m not a medical professional, but it sounds like you have some very legitimate medical reasons why a c section would be a better choice, even if it was just for your mental health. Plus it’s your body and your baby, you definitely have a say on how you want to Bring them into the world! (And I know people who have had elective c section for way less medically important reasons.)

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Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.

Thank you for your feedback. The thing is I am in the UK. As you know we have the NHS so we can’t really seek out a surgeon. We get whoever is working that day so to speak. I’d imagine they would be very experienced in their field though.