Emmeline pronunciation

I think [name]Emmeline[/name] is such a pretty name and have decided to give this name to my second little girl. However, I am having a hard time deciding on how to pronounce it. I have heard it three ways, Emmaleen, [name]Emmaline[/name] (as in [name]Caroline[/name]), and [name]Emmalyn[/name]. I tend to lean towards the [name]Emmaline[/name] pronunciation, but am afraid that people will always be pronouncing it wrong. Which pronunciation do you like the best / which do you think sounds the best? And, should I be worried about always having to tell people how to pronounce my daughter’s name? Thanks for your input!

I prn it [name]Emma[/name]- line.
Leen isn’t as pretty, and lyn makes it trendy. The line makes it sophisticated imo.
Depends if the other prn bother you. I was going to name my youngest [name]Adelaide[/name], but the ultrasound tech prn [name]Adel[/name]-[name]Ide[/name] :twisted: no matter how much we corrected her. I thought, why would I name my dd [name]Adel[/name]-[name]Ide[/name] that is so ugly! so I changed her name so I wouldn’t have to deal with prn issues. [name]Kaia[/name] is prn K(eye)-uh but when she was introduced some called her kay-uh and it didn’t bother me, I just corrected them and now everyone calls her K(eye)-uh.

[name]Emmeline[/name] is gorgeous! its on my mn list

I think the pronunciation depends on your preference as well as where you live. I live in [name]Canada[/name] where French is one of the official languages so I would pronounce it the French way: emma-leen. All of the names ending in -line are usually pronounced this way ( one exception for English Canadians is [name]Caroline[/name] . English speakers would say it with the -line sound but French-Canadians pronounce it as -leen). Choose the one that comes naturally to when you see the name written out!

I also prefer the [name]Emma[/name]-line (like [name]Caroline[/name]) pronunciation. My feeling is that most people would probably tend toward this pronunciation, but that’s not to say that you wouldn’t have to correct people from time to time. However, people will find ways to mispronounce any name, no matter how obvious the pronunciation. It’s a gorgeous name!

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about mispronunciation, people are incredibly creative and have even found ways to misspell and mispronounce [name]Nora[/name], a very simple four letter two syllable English name, somehow everyone hears [name]Laura[/name]. Sorry, got sidetracked, [name]Emmeline[/name] is actually one of my favourite names, but I always write it [name]Emmaline[/name] accidentally, blame my direct pronunciation of everything, and I always did say [name]Emmeline[/name] as if it rhymes with [name]Caroline[/name], I like that much better than [name]Emma[/name]-leen and [name]Emma[/name]-lynn. Gorgeous name, I would go right ahead.
TTFN! :smiley:

[name]Just[/name] to give you some more of an international view point, I am from South [name]Africa[/name] with British descent and I would personally pr. it the French way of Emmaleen. I agree with the pp. go with what YOU like! Your DD will eventually introduce herself the way she prefers and you wont need to correct people.

I pronounce it as: ‘[name]Emma[/name]-line’; actually, there is a very pretty song called ‘[name]Emeline[/name]’, done by the artist [name]Ben[/name] Folds.
He too pronounces the name ‘[name]Emma[/name]-line’ in the song. :slight_smile: You should check it out!!

I would say [name]Emma[/name]-line (like [name]Caroline[/name]). I hail from English-speaking [name]Canada[/name]. I wasn’t even aware until recently that English speakers ever use [name]Emma[/name]-leen.

Also–for a bit of unsollicited opinion–I prefer the [name]Emeline[/name] spelling of this name.

[name]Hi[/name]! This is the name we are using too and we have it down to [name]Line[/name] or Leen (also heard Leine …pronounced len…like the correct madeleine pronunciation)
We keep going back and forward but I realised that saying Leen sounds a lot like [name]Emily[/name], and as this name is so common I think that’s the most liket mistake people will make, so now I am tending towards [name]Line[/name].

I figure I like both so if she prefers one when shes older she’s welcome to change it!

[name]One[/name] of my daughters is called [name]Emmeline[/name]. Here in the UK, it is definitely pronounced [name]Em[/name]-uh-leen. The name was more common in the 18th century, not least because of [name]Charlotte[/name] [name]Turner[/name] [name]Smith[/name]’s novel of the same name. And, of course, suffragette [name]Emmeline[/name] Pankhurst made the name very well known here. Pronouncing the name as [name]Em[/name]-uh-line would be considered a mispronunciation (or an eccentricity I suppose) over here, and certainly one that get’s my daughter’s goat. That said, if one hasn’t come across the name before, then one can see why [name]Em[/name]-uh-line might be chosen…

I agree with pp that as far as I know nearly everyone in the UK says [name]Em[/name]-uh-leen for various reasons, including the fame of [name]Emmeline[/name] Pankhurst. I love the name, and actually I like the leen pronunciation the best, although I might be biased as it’s what I’m used to. I often find that -line endings sound a bit forced and over the top to my ear (an exception being [name]Caroline[/name]) but that’s probably a mixture of my accent and my oddness :slight_smile: I agree that pronouncing it -lyn makes it sound quite trendy, and I’d be likely to assume it was spelled [name]Emmalyn[/name] if it was said like that.

However you say it, it’s a lovely name. I think you should choose the pronunciation you like best/the one that seems most natural to you, and just be prepared to correct people when they use the wrong one. As lots of others have pointed out, most names get pronounced wrongly at some point. At least with [name]Emmeline[/name] people have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right :slight_smile:

[name]Just[/name] thought I’d mention that I love how this name looks but I’ve never known how to pronounce it.

I am from the US and just reading the name I would assume it is [name]Em[/name]-uh-leen. I could see there being pronunciation issues, but I’m sure once you correct people they will get it easily.

I’m from the Midwest USA and I’ve always pronounced it [name]Emmaline[/name]. The others never even crossed my mind until you mentioned them. I much prefer [name]Emmaline[/name] to the others, and I have it as one of my top mns (Either with [name]Cameo[/name] or [name]Spencer[/name]). It shouldn’t matter, though, go with what you like.

When I first saw this name years ago, I thought it was [name]Emma[/name]-leen, but everyone corrected me to [name]Emma[/name]-line, rhyming with [name]Caroline[/name]. I think that is the much more common pronunciation, so I don’t think that you’d have to correct people very often. Most people think [name]Emmeline[/name] is pronounced that way!

I think [name]Emma[/name]-line is the general English pronunciation. This is my favorite pronunciation. I associate it with the girl from [name]Anne[/name] of [name]Green[/name] Gables who pronounced it that way and the [name]Ben[/name] Folds song.

[name]Emmeline[/name] is one of my favorites too! I like emma-leen the best. The line pronunciation sounds awkward to me, and the lyn pronunciation doesn’t fit with how it is spelled. I do like it spelled Emalyn though! However, emma-leen will always be tops for me!

[name]Emmaline[/name] rhyming with [name]Caroline[/name].

Leen is fine and def the accepted pronunciation in many places, just not [name]Lynn[/name]!! Big pet peeve when people say lynn for [name]Caroline[/name]/[name]Madeline[/name]/[name]Emmaline[/name] names…why?? :wink:

[name]Emmeline[/name] prn as Emmaleen is more European style I guess (British, French, but also Spanish, [name]German[/name], Italian, Dutch speakers for example)

If you live in the US and your daughter might travel internationally in the future, she at least has a name that most people will be able to pronounce even though it might be slightly different from what she is called at home. Better that then having to spell your name every time. :slight_smile:

[name]Just[/name] reading right now, I would assume it’s pronounced [name]Emma[/name]-line (like [name]Caroline[/name]) :slight_smile: