Ethnically matching sibsets

See the results of this poll: Does it matter if siblings have matching names, ethnically?

Respondents: 10 (This poll is closed)

  • Yes, stick with one Ethnicity when naming siblings: 1 (10%)
  • It is okay as long as it is at least similar in Ethnicity: 2 (20%)
  • No, Ethnicity really does not matter at all: 7 (70%)

I don’t see any reason to match them. In fact, if anything, I’d pause about giving multiple children names from the same ethnicity that wasn’t in my background - I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I wanted to BE of that background!

Ha, good question! I think as long as they work together then it doesn’t matter so much. For example, the names [name]Zuri[/name] (an [name]African[/name] name) and [name]Maya[/name] (Greek and [name]Indian[/name] name) work together in my opinion. They’re both short, somewhat exotic, and have a heavy vowel sound. But [name]Zuri[/name] and say [name]Caroline[/name] don’t work as well :slight_smile:

The only way I would see matching the origins of my kid’s names is if my husband or myself had a specific heritage we wanted to honor. As both of us are a wild mix of ethnic backgrounds, we are picking names that mean something to us in other ways. Our kids, so far, have Irish and Hebrew names, with possibilities of having future kids with French, Scottish and English names.

I agree with the others on this one- the names should sound good together, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be from the same source. Sooo many names that are in use nowadays, for siblings or not, have completely different origins but still make a lovely pair/trio/etc.

Also, genetically I’m such a “mutt” that using a name to honor anything but my cultural heritage would be absurd. It’s not like I can pinpoint where every strand of my DNA comes from. ;p