So I love the name [name]Evan[/name] for a girl, plus it honors 3 family names for me in one…[name]John[/name] which 5 of the babies immediate male family are named, [name]Eva[/name], my grandmother middle name and [name]Ann[/name], my mother’s and my middle name. I happen to like more gender neutral names for girls to begin with and want my child to have an uncommon, but not “made up” name.

My biggest issue with the name is that it happens to be the name my boss just gave her son. Questions 1) any ideas how to handle this, we’re considering a more traditional girls name for a middle name 2) any name suggestion that might honor the family and not be “frilly” or on the Top 100?

[name]Haven[/name] [name]Juliet[/name] would be pretty! [name]Haven[/name] combines [name]Ann[/name], elements of [name]Eva[/name], and the “n” of [name]John[/name]! Or [name]Devan[/name] (Irish for “poet”), [name]Sevan[/name] (Armenian for “Life Giving Sweet Water”)?

The name [name]Evan[/name] is a lovely name, and it’s feminine enough to be used for a girl.

I think [name]Evan[/name] is a wonderful name and sounds perfect for you. I personally wouldn’t worry what your boss called her son, unless you are close friends and will see each other often. I agree with your idea of using more feminine names for a mn, that makes sense. Good [name]Luck[/name]:slight_smile:

I prefer [name]Evan[/name] for girls (it’s my sister’s name, though, so it could just be that that’s what i’m used to). I wouldn’t worry about your boss’ son unless you two are very close.

The way I read your question is that you feel slightly uncomfortable about announcing your daughter’s name to your boss, should it be [name]Evan[/name], because you feel she might take it as an implicit insult that she gave her son a name that can be used for a girl and/or because you’re afraid she’ll think you stole her name - is that right?
If that is your concern, I think the best way to handle this is to tell her about the name sooner rather than later (now) and not to make a big deal out of it. [name]Just[/name] say something like “it’s so funny that you named your little boy [name]Evan[/name], because that has been at the top of our list for a girl - what a coincidence. I know it’s a boy’s name, but I’ve always had a quirky taste for handsome boy’s names on girls.”

Could you spell it differently? [name]Evann[/name], [name]Evon[/name], [name]Evin[/name]???