I’m due in the next few days and it is a girl. I am a bit of a procrastinator and so I still have to choose a definitive name. I love the name [name]Evangeline[/name] nn [name]Evie[/name] or [name]Lina[/name]. [name]Just[/name] wondering what you think. I’ve kept the name and sex a secret to everyone, including my husband (he wanted it to be a surprise), but I really would like some outside opinions before I’m in the delivery room :).

Also, I’m really stuck on a middle name. I want something unique that you don’t hear very often that has a strong, yet feminine feel. Any ideas?

Congratulations on your baby! I really like [name]Evangeline[/name]'s elegance and beauty. Without knowing your last name (which influences the flow), here are some ideas:

[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Mae[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Maude[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Mirabel[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Claire[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Faith[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Hope[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Rose[/name] (well, it’s a common middle name)
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Blythe[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Kate[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Honor[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Astrid[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Iris[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Aria[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Maeve[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Auden[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Avis[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Esme[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Ruby[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Bess[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Grace[/name] (well, it’s not uncommon…)
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Wren[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Willow[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Belle[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Pearl[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Mabel[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Opal[/name]

ooh… I really [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name]! Thanks so much jill! Great names!

You’re so welcome! :slight_smile:

I think [name]Evangeline[/name] is a gorgeous name. Beautiful choice!! :slight_smile: