Everild-Can I add an H?

1 week till my due date and I’m adding names to my girls list? What is wrong with me?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I’ve still not decided on my top 3 girls names to bring to the birth. I’ve got my boys names…

Ok, bare with me. I love the NN [name_f]Hildie[/name_f] and [name_f]Vera[/name_f] and want to find a way to them, but [name_f]Matilda[/name_f] is too popular. I found Everild. She was an somewhat obscure 7th century [name_m]Saint[/name_m]. What do y’all think about adding an H? Everhild or even Everhilda :thinking: Too much? I never ever thought I’d be “making up” a name. I am historically opposed to it, but here I am. Also, ‘[name_u]Ever[/name_u]’ names, are they too popular?

Here’s what NB says about it:
"The name [name_u]Averill[/name_u] is a girl’s name of [name_f]English[/name_f] origin meaning “boar battle”.
One of the rare [name_f]English[/name_f] surname names originally derived from a female given name: Eoforhild (Everild), meaning “boar battle”. Also spelled [name_u]Averill[/name_u], it’s an extremely rare choice today, but shares sounds with fashionable [name_f]Ava[/name_f] and [name_u]Avery[/name_u]."

I’m not a fan of it, unfortunately. It sounds unappealing to me. Some other -Hild names are [name_f]Brunhilda[/name_f], [name_f]Hildegard[/name_f] and [name_f]Hilda[/name_f]. For [name_f]Vera[/name_f], you could use [name_f]Verena[/name_f] or [name_f]Verity[/name_f] :slightly_smiling_face:

I like Everild a lot! Everhild isn’t bad because it reminds me of [name_m]Eberhardt[/name_m], but Everhilda seems like [name_u]Ever[/name_u] + [name_f]Hilda[/name_f] to me; maybe you’d be interested in the lesser variant Everilda? I think with Everilda, you could get away with [name_f]Vera[/name_f] OR [name_f]Hildie[/name_f], but I’d personally just go straight for [name_f]Vera[/name_f] if that’s what you want? But Everild(a) is pretty cool. :heart:


I have a few different thoughts on this.

  1. If you’re going to change the name’s spelling to suit your preferences, I think you need to own that decision and be comfortable with it. That you’re normally opposed to newly created names gives me pause. Follow your instincts on this.

  2. Nicknames don’t have to follow rules. If you like [name_f]Hildie[/name_f] and [name_f]Vera[/name_f] as nicknames for Everild, it’s completely fine for you to use them. I think they lean towards the stretch end of the spectrum as far as nicknames go but the link it still apparent.

  3. I think you need to ask yourself if Everild is a name you love on its own. Names evolve over time to fit the person so you have to consider that [name_f]Hildie[/name_f] and [name_f]Vera[/name_f] may not end up being used as you hope them to be.

Look forward to hearing what you decide! Best of luck.


Everild is pretty cool and Everhild feels mystical and interesting. It’s bold and strong and doesn’t feel too made up

@fearlessfirefly Thanks fro suggestions! I do like [name_f]Hildegard[/name_f], but worry it’s not modern gal applicable and too weighty. I wish I could convince DH on a virtue name, I do like them.

@ashthedreamer I love [name_m]Eberhardt[/name_m]! Wish I was brave enough to put it on my boys list. I’m really in search of a 3-4 syllable name with a shorter NN.

@kachenka You make very valid points. I think I am grasping at straws at this point and feeling desperate to hurriedly find THE NAME. I keep telling myself once we meet this baby, one of my names that’s been long on my big list of names will pop out and be the one for them. I agree changing up my previous name convictions is risky. I’m fine with alternate spellings, but adding letters I’ve never thought I’d do.

@Greyblue Yes, that’s why I thought I may be ok with inventing a spelling. Doesn’t seem too far from original. I mistakingly mentioned the name to my MIL and she said, “[name_m]Emeril[/name_m], like the chef!?” Now I can’t unhear that. :tired_face:


I feel like Everhild is barely inventing a spelling. Since the original (Eoforhild) has the h, you’re just finding a slightly different way of adapting it for modern english. there’s no reason for Everhild to have not adapted and evolved naturally!

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@rosepip good point! :thinking:

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I agree with this, and I would even say that Everild and Everhild are equally valid spellings of this name. You haven’t invented it, so don’t worry!

I definitely prefer Everhild (or Everild) over Everhilda. And yes, [name_u]Ever[/name_u] names are becoming popular but this is such an uncommon/unconventional one that I really don’t think you need to worry about that.


I prefer Everhild/Everhilde - everild makes my eyes see everlid!

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I think with such uncommon names it’s best to spell them the “normal way”

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Oh okay :slightly_smiling_face: Another name you might like, for a boy, is the name [name_m]Everard[/name_m].