This sounds adorable for a little girl, but what impression do you think it leaves when attached to a woman? Thoughts? Might consider this name if my European parents can pronounce it correctly :slight_smile:

It is a lovely story, but not a name for a child. Sorry.

[name]Hi[/name], thank you, but please be so kind as to answer the question, I am still considering this name. I would like to know what image people would associate with a grown woman named [name]Fable[/name] (hippie? artistic? boring? smart? prim? pretty? frumpy? etc). Please be respectful. Thank you.

I like it. I think itโ€™s pretty, obviously itโ€™s not traditional, but people have word names all of the time.

I would imagine the parents were creative types who wanted a name that was different, but not youneek.