Favourite Maori names?

What your favourite Maori names for both boys and girls? Thanks

Well, I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an expert on Maori names (sadly, there aren’t too many books on the subject) but here are some of my faves I’ve picked up over the years. Some of them may be classified as Polynesian or [name]Pacific[/name] Islander so hopefully I’m giving you what you want. :lol: Good luck!
Emere (eh MEH reh) - I love the look of this name and how it’s pronounced. I don’t think that this name is too close to Amiria, do you? My only hesitation would be the meaning: rival.
Haetara ([name]HY[/name] ta rah) - I think this would be lovely with Amiria.
Herene (HEH reh neh) - Maori for [name]Helen[/name]
Horiana (HO ree ah nah) - Maori for [name]Georgiana[/name] and means “earth worker”.
Kaitaka ([name]KYE[/name] tah kah) - This is beautiful.
Peata (peh [name]AH[/name] tah) - Means “blessed”.

Apera (peh [name]AH[/name] tah) - Version of [name]Abel[/name] and means “breath”.
Henare (heh NAH reh) - Maori for [name]Henry[/name]
Hirini (HEE ree nee) - Form of [name]Sidney[/name]
Paikea (PY keh ah) - Unisex name that means “tame whale”. Not a great meaning but it has a gentle sound to it.
Tautoru (TOW to ru) - Mostly a male name from a Maori myth.

Aroha - means love
Awhina - means helper (I’ve always loved nn Awhi - [name]AH[/name]-fee)
Marama - MAH-ra-ma means light of the world
[name]Marika[/name] - Quiet and careful
[name]Pania[/name] - mythological maiden of the sea (rhymes with [name]Tania[/name])
Hineahi - absolutely no idea what this means but I love nn Hine -
prn Hee-neh. …Sort of.)
Kiriwai - [name]Ki[/name]-ree-why can’t remember what it means!
Metiria - Meh-tee-ree-ah never knew what that one meant

Wiremu - Maori form of [name]William[/name]
[name]Tama[/name] - means boy
Rawiri - RAH-wi-ree Maori form of [name]David[/name]
[name]Tane[/name] - [name]Tah[/name]-neh God of the forest
Whetu - Feh-too means star
[name]Tipene[/name] - Tee-peh-neh Maori form of [name]Stephen[/name]

I’ve run out of brain juice now