Feedback on Shiloh

My husband and I are both really liking ‘[name]Shiloh[/name]’ for a baby girl but I’m worried that the Brangelina offspring have ‘ruined’ it. What do you think? Is it too overexposed?

I think [name]Shiloh[/name] is a gorgeous name and I don’t think Brangelina ruined it. If you love it, go for it and don’t worry about the fact that a celebrity used it first.

I wouldn’t avoid it just because Brangelina used it. It will probably stop being known for that in the next fews years anyway… I hope. Look at [name]Maddox[/name], for example, that name is being used enough now where they are not the first thing I think of when I hear it, but it still isn’t super popular.

I also considered this name for my baby as we like the nn shy. [name]Every[/name] time i mentioned shiloh to a friend they said " like brangolina". I just couldn’t live with that so its off my list.