Finland for a Boy?

What do you think of Finland for a boy? I love the NN [name]Finn[/name], and am trying to find a good long version. My husband so far doesn’t like any of the others I’ve come up with, including:

Help, I really want to use [name]Finn[/name], but want a longer full name version. [name]Do[/name] you think Finland is ok for a boy?

I actually think it’s rather cute!
I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t translate with so many babies named [name]Ireland[/name], [name]London[/name], [name]Paris[/name], etc.

Another [name]Fin[/name]- name that might possibly appeal to you is Finzi.

Other names that lend themselves to the nn [name]Finn[/name]:

Eprhaim (a stretch, I know)

I’ve got the same problem with my husband. I like [name]Finn[/name], but can’t suggest any longer names that he likes. I suspect your husband might react the same way to Finland as he does to [name]Finley[/name], [name]Finnigan[/name], etc. Never know until you try, but that’s just my hunch. I love the suggestion of using [name]Griffin[/name]- I hadn’t thought of that. I think that works much better.

Yes, sounds like we have a similar situation. He is still on the fence with Finland. He says it sounds girly. I don’t agree. I also love, love, love the name [name]Griffin[/name], however it’s my dogs name. Sometimes I think of changing his name so I can use it, but that might make me seem a little crazy :slight_smile:

I definitely think Finland could work for a boy! Like one of the other posters mentioned, there are definitely tons of place names for girls (some more include [name]India[/name] and [name]America[/name]), so why not one for a boy? [name]Finn[/name] is such an adorable nickname as well!

This may be totally personal preference, but I would only use a place name if I had a special connection to that place. I wouldn’t want my child to ask, “Why did you name me [name]America[/name]?”, and for me to, after explaining the meaning say, “Its also the name of a country.” Daughter - “oh! What’s it like there?” Me- “I’ve never been…”.

This also comes from my experience as a little girl - I asked my mom why she chose my name (as most children do), and she shrugged and said, “Because I liked it.” I always wished there was something more there.

So, while I think Finland/[name]Finn[/name] is adorable and would definitely work, I think it would be best if you have a connection to the country.

I love it, never considered it as a longer version!

Good points, [name]Roma[/name]!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I love Finland, very cute!! I love [name]Finley[/name] as a girls name but [name]Fin[/name] and Finland is very much a boys name… I also like [name]Finnegan[/name] I found this post below…

Finghin - ([name]FIN[/name]-jin) “fair birth”; variant of [name]Fionn[/name], Fionnbarr. Fineen, [name]Finnin[/name], Fionan, [name]Finian[/name], [name]Finbar[/name].
Finlayv - ([name]Gael[/name]) “little (blond) fair-haired soldier.” [name]Finlay[/name], [name]Findlay[/name], [name]Findley[/name], [name]Finlea[/name], [name]Finn[/name].
Fionan - ([name]FIN[/name]-ee-ahn) “fair.” [name]Finnian[/name], [name]Fionn[/name].
Fionnbharr - ([name]FIN[/name]-ver) “fair head.” [name]Finbar[/name], [name]Finnbarr[/name], Barram, Bairrfhoinn.
[name]Flann[/name] - “blood red” or “redhead, ruddy.” [name]Male[/name] or female name. [name]Flainn[/name], Floinn, [name]Flannan[/name], [name]Flanagan[/name], Flannagain, [name]Flynn[/name], [name]Flannery[/name].
[name]Flannery[/name] - also can be [name]Flann[/name]; “redhead.”
[name]Flinn[/name] - also can be [name]Flynn[/name]; “son of the redhaired man.”


I have never heard of anyone called Finland. In finnish, Finland is called Soumi and not Finland. So it is an anglicised name of the country. I do not mean to sound harsh, but I would find it weird if you named your child Finland without any connections with the country. Also remember, that the child will always be connected with the actions and the doings of a nation which can be difficult in the long run.

However, I love [name]Finn[/name] so go with it as a short first name. I am Swedish myself and would think it weird if anyone named their child [name]Sweden[/name].

[name]Just[/name] a few thoughts, but I wish you good luck and I hope you are happy with the name you chose! Best wishes.

mamagrace, that’s funny about your dog being named [name]Griffin[/name]. We certainly do seem to be in a similar situation with our husbands and dogs as well. My dog is named one of our favorite boy’s names (not [name]Griffin[/name], but [name]Tristan[/name]), and my husband has often wished he had a different name. (I got the dog when I was 15, though, long before I was thinking about childrens’ names)

Sorry, but I think Finland is a very strange name for a person. I’m not a fan of picking places off of the map and using them on kids … If you want [name]Finn[/name] but can’t find a longer version you like, then just use [name]Finn[/name]. I don’t think you need a longer name.
[name]Finnigan[/name] is also handsome and cute.