First Boy grandchild for both sides - french & english - Felix or Samuel?

Deleted as we want to keep our name choices a secret!

It sounds like you sort of have your heart set on [name]Samuel[/name], and that’s a really special thing for a mom.

I also think the idea of having the initials [name]SAM[/name] would be fun - my initials are KER, the first 3 letters of my name, and I found that incredibly amusing for some reason!

I think [name]Samuel[/name] [name]Adam[/name] or [name]Samuel[/name] [name]Alexandre[/name] is great!

I love [name]Samuel[/name]

We originally had [name]Felix[/name] on our list also, but after polling family members, we had the impression that older generations weren’t too fond of it, so we took it off. So I say stick with [name]Samuel[/name] if acceptance & less judgement is important to you… and even though its popular, its a cute name!

Thanks so much for all the input!

So far, one family member has suggested [name]Samuel[/name] and one family member has suggested [name]Felix[/name] without us giving away the fact we were considering these names!

[name]Felix[/name] is a great name!! It has such a wonderful meaning too :slight_smile: I would vote for [name]Felix[/name] hands down except… the nickname thing… If your family is very into nicknames, [name]Felix[/name] doesn’t really have any good options. So as much as I love [name]Felix[/name], it seems like [name]Samuel[/name] is a much better fit for you and your family. And I’ve always really liked all the [name]Sam[/name]'s I’ve met, it’s definitely a strong name :slight_smile:

That’s right! I almost forgot about the meanings in my Pros and Cons.
I love the meaning of [name]Felix[/name] ([name]Happy[/name], [name]Lucky[/name], [name]Fortunate[/name]), and I’m not fond of the biblical meaning of [name]Samuel[/name] (asked of God).
Those darn nick-names are the issue! I’m worried he’d end up being called “Flea” or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your input [name]Julia[/name]!