First Pregnancy Symptom?

Hello lovelies,
Please can you help? My OH and I are TTC are 2nd baby. We have only been trying for less than 2 weeks.
I doubted (but hoped) that I would conceive that quick. But I have a weird feeling low stomach/down below. It feels like I have a lot of pressure pressing down, and its really uncomfortable actually. I have also been having some mild achy/cramps like period pains, although I am not due on for a good 2 weeks. And I usually do not have pains or uncomfortableness until much nearer the time.
Thats the only sign I have got that seems to be unexplainable atm.
I have just stopped my contraceptive pill, so I didn’t know whether it could be the hormones sorting themselves out? I’m not suffering from nausea or sickness, but even with my first I was only physically sick once, so I’m hoping to skip that symptom. And I’m always tired as I’m a mum :slight_smile: so I can’t really tell if I’m more tired or not atm. But that was my first symptom when carrying my first. I have put on a bit of weight, but I have just quit smoking and am eating a lot more, so that’s to be expected really.
Does anybody know? I know no one will know for definate, but as I still have a while before I can take a pregnancy test and its driving me mad, I would love someone to talk to on this!
And it would be a lovely opportunity to natter to other mummies to be and mums on their first pregnancy symptom and stories!! :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!! Looking forward to speaking to you all and hearing what you guys have to say :slight_smile: xo

With my first, I had heartburn all the time!! It wasn’t normal for me, and I had no idea what was causing it! I waited several days after my period was due to test. I had just finished my birth control pills that previous month, so I really wasn’t sure if my period would come on it’s own, on time. With my second (expected in [name]May[/name]), I don’t remember anything obvious. I ended up testing the day before my period was due, since there are always warning signs that it is coming… light spotting, and I feel a bit of an ache in my lower back.

I suppose that’s probably not very helpful!! I didn’t have the same symptoms as you, so I can’t comment on if that could be signs of pregnancy! I’ll cross my fingers for you though!

If it’s two weeks before your cycle is due… you are probably feeling ovulation pain. Unless you have an unusually long (or short cycle), you most often ovulate at on day 14 (based on a 28 day cycle). [name]Day[/name] 1 is the first day of your period. Some women feel ovulation pain every month, some every other month, and some only once in a while. You might be more sensitive to it because you are TTC and paying more attention?

My first pregnancy sympton is always fatigue… being extremely tired.

You might be feeling something. With my last baby, I swear I felt that baby be conceived. I just had a feeling after sex that a baby had been made. The next day, I felt a tingle which I think was either ovulation or implantation. I tested 13 days later and it was a faint positive.

[name]Both[/name] of my experiences have been similar to poptart. With my first I was in denial (we weren’t trying to conceive), but I had that feeling afterward, laying in bed, that I had just gotten pregnant. Then with my second, we were trying, and I knew I was pregnant WAAAY before I could take a test. I just knew. Part of that feeling for me was the way my stomach felt, very similar to what you described. A sort of heaviness, maybe a little bit of pressure. Good luck! Let us know how things turn out for you!

Thank you guys :slight_smile: I will keep you posted, although you will probably find a new thread saying IM PREGNANT when it happens lmao I was really tired with my first, but didnt suspect anything as it was summer and thought it was the heat making me conk out within minutes of sitting down, am still able to get through the day without crashing so maybe not this time? There is always next month tho :wink:
Ariannew and Poptart, that is amazing! I’ve never heard anyone say that they new when they had conceived! That must have been really surreal to feel that, i am so jealous lol
Crunchymama and labmama, I am paying more attention to my body, how can you not when you are ttc eh?, but I honestly have never been sensitive enough to pick up ovulation before, although perhaps I have never noticed it? It’s funny how some people are sensitive enough and others are oblivious (like me lol)…
We’ll see eh? xo xo

[name]Just[/name] wanted to let you guys know, I did conceive and was pregnant when I thought I was!
Sadly, we lost the baby 13 days after finding out I was pregnant.

I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your little [name]Angel[/name]. What a beautiful name you chose for your little one. It makes me sad becaues I lost my [name]Angel[/name] baby on [name]March[/name] 25 2009. It’s a day that will stay with you forever.

thank you Smash12, that was really sweet of you saying those kind words. It has been terribly hard. And I am deeply sorry for your loss, i truly understand that feeling now, and it is horrendous. Please take care xxxxx