First Time Mom Essentials?

My SIL is expecting her first, and is currently preparing her baby registry, as her shower is coming up in [name_f]October[/name_f]. She’s unsure of what products she should add, so she asked me to consult some experts - aka Nameberry :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what are some essential products a first time mom should add to her registry?

Thank you!

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Off the bat ai will answer with what comes to mind on what to leave off based on my experience.

  • pak n Play- first two hated it with a passion. With my third I never even bothered to drag it out so it’s in storage in case some random reason comes up like an emergency hotel stay but two months in and I’m good without

-crib- I had planned to use this within the first month of my kids being born. Just now getting crib use out of it with my third. First two became instant co-sleepers. Crib was only used as a toddler bed until my third was born.

  • breast pump- make sure she knows she should be able to get one free with insurance

  • if she’s team green like I was- avoid registering for gender neutral things like pacifiers and receiving blankets. Can easily take a quick trip once baby is born with a gift card and get the right colors.

  • ETA: Desitin and other paste like creams. My first got a UTI his first month of life. I tried a type of Desitin-type cream with no luck. Pediatrician then said no to such things and says aim for more clear like cream. Coconut Oil is MUST HAVE. Aquaphor & Burt Bees Multipurpose is also in my diaper rash tool box!

  • Nursing covers! In the US it is perfectly legal to nurse uncovered in public. I didn’t realize this until my second so my first was a tad stressful when it came to nursing outside the house. If what I’m wearing doesn’t allow for discreet feeding I just use a receiving blanket to cover myself more not the baby.

Things I’ve loved all three times:

Nursing Pillow- my breast friend deluxe

Changing Pad Covers- minky dot anything on amazon

Wipes dispenser- oxo tot

Baby bottles- comotomo

Angelcare baby bath tub

Baby monitor: Infant Optics Video Monitor

Stroller Bug Net

ETA: My Finished brainstorming list of all MY must haves!:

  • Graco 4-n-1 High Chair
  • amber necklace
  • Car seat mirror
  • Camilla Boiron teething relief
  • vitamin d (only if planning to exclusively bf)
  • cups: nuk & munchkin
  • sassy bags
  • I play sun hat and swim diaper- I have acquired both in multiple colors and sizes throughout the years.
  • a large portable changing pad because the ones that come in diaper bags are so small. I love my big one.
  • a diaper bag with stroller straps

There are plenty of other things but those were the things I specifically loved. Things like strollers, car seats etc etc are all also great. She could google baby shower lists or go onto something like amazon or baby list and they should have registry guides that kind of walk you through each area. Congrats to her!


First time mum too here and I’ll be watching this thread with eagerness, as I’m also trying to work out what’s essential and what’s not.

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I used the velcro baby swaddles and sleep sacks all the time with mine. So much easier than blankets!

A simple baby bouncer that can easily be moved from room to room.
A jumperoo. (Mine were in those things from 4 months)
A swing! Swings are so much help omg.

These cost quite a bit but she could ask if people want to contribute towards them.

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Thank you so much everyone! I texted her the ideas so far, haha! I know I’ve been picking up a few smaller things for her to give as a gift, and I did buy her a sleep sack, actually, so I’m glad I did!

She is planning on finding out the gender, we’ll know next month what she’s having :slight_smile: LOL our nephew is hoping for another boy because he’s outnumbered 3 to 1 right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Besides the basics I would say:

A baby carrier is a MUST for me! Whichever one she thinks she’ll like the most. I have a baby K’[name_m]Tan[/name_m] which is super simple and easy and just got a Wildbird ring sling. There is definitely a learning curve to the ring sling which I’m still trying to figure out!

I wanna second the swing! Not every baby loves it tho, my son hated it but my daughter loves it and it’s been so nice!

A swaddle that zips up! I ended up getting the SwaddleMe arms up one and she liked it but it’s only for 8-13 lbs, so she grew out of it fast. I’ve also heard good reviews about dreamland weighted swaddles.

That’s all I can think of right now, I’ll post more if I think of anything else!

Oh I also want to add a list of postpartum items since it doesn’t seem to get mentioned too often:

Stool softeners
witch hazel pads
Perineal Ice packs- so nice especially if stitches are needed
Perineal spray

Hospitals usually give the spray and pads but I ended up ordering more.

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I’m going to take a sharp turn to the left here, and say that if the mother and the baby are healthy after the delivery, the only thing you’ll absolutely need are diapers, nursing bras, breast pumps and storage bags, weather appropriate clothes, blankets and plenty of soap and water to do their laundry.
I was a very young mom without resources the first time around. Without a penny to our names and caring for twins, we were kind of amazed by how little babies need. If mom (or dad, or parent) is nearby to cuddle, keep them warm and feed them, they’ll do great!
Obviously, car seats are a must and a crib that follows regulations to prevent accidents is not a luxury but an obligation. Back then we did not have a car, and we couldn’t afford two cribs (which is recommended for twins to avoid SIDS), so we did co-sleeping. Now that we can afford the basics, I’m glad we have a crib and a car seat, but we’re still being quite frugal with our third baby.
Some things are nice to have, for sure, but the essential is an attentive parent, pediatric guidance and a lot of patience. With diapers, warm blankets and plenty of baby wipes, parents are going to do just fine… or so that’s my experience.
I’d say first time moms can take it slow, and wait what they need and what their baby needs.


Hands down #1 most used item for me was a baby carrier. [name_u]Baby[/name_u] K’tan and Ergo with an infant insert were my favorites. Postpartum essentials for mama, [name_f]Frida[/name_f] baby makes an amazing postpartum kit for either type of birth, V or Cesarean. Finally a meal train for the family and mama’s willingness to ask for help when needed! There’s websites to organize meal trains that are helpful. Best wishes!

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@girlywhirly - She does have a carrier on her registry, though I can’t remember the make of it, haha. She just put a swing on there after I sent her the first couple of replies from here, so that’s now covered! I never thought of the swaddle that zips! I’ve had to swaddle in class before ([name_u]Early[/name_u] Childhood [name_m]Ed[/name_m]. student!) and it’s hard enough with a doll, I can’t imagine a squirming baby!

The post-partum stuff is great! She’ll definitely want to know those, haha. Thanks!

@lussinatta - That’s a true point! She has most of those on her registry (I covered some diapers and storage bags, I know they have a snow suit for baby (due in [name_u]January[/name_u]!) and I recommended a few laundry soaps for her to try!). I’ll tell her to add some warmer blankets to her list, because I think right now there’s just receiving blankets, haha. I think she has her car seat and crib already (I know she definitely has a bassinet, but not sure on the crib?). Thank you!

@JadeLinnell - Oh, I’ll have to tell her about the Fridababy kit! I think MIL has covered the meals for her, and I’ve offered to travel and come up whenever she needs (She’s an hour and a half away from us, but I told her I’d take the 2.5 hour bus ride at any time of day if she needed me haha). Thank you!.

Thanks everyone again - she’s very appreciative of all the suggestions! I’ve been forwarding them to her every few replies :stuck_out_tongue:

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@leafsgirl44. Yes, help for mama is so important. [name_m]Even[/name_m] if it’s just to come load the dishwasher,take trash out and do a load laundry. Everyone focuses on baby, and forgets mama. So important to have a support group, especially in times like these with covid and many peoples limited social interactions. Personally, I was too stubborn or proud I guess to ask for help when I needed it w/my first born. It meant so much to me when a distant family member (mom of 3, she knew what was up) brought me a box of chocolates, a good book and came and did the dishes a few times. The first few weeks, you’re stuck under a sleeping baby most of the time, a good book,movie,healthy snacks are so nice.

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When my babies were new a wipe warmer was the best thing ever! I guess I’m dating myself cause I don’t even know if they sell them anymore. But a warm wipy makes all the difference on their little tushies.

More than 1 diaper bag. Get a diaper bag or backpack for daddy too. As soon as you get home, repack it so you can grab and go quickly.

Start buying diapers now. All different sizes. You can’t have too many and never want to run out, cause that always happens at 3am when no stores are open and you’re exhausted.

And whether you decide breast or bottle is up to you. Breast worked best for me, bottle worked best for my sisters babies. It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re feeding your baby. Choose what works for your family.

@Summs Thank you! I was thinking about getting her a backpack to wrap my gift in, I also was planning on getting another set of diapers (because her family is an hour and a half from BIL’s family, she was planning on doing two showers for matter of convenience so people don’t have to try and travel back and forth, and I’m helping to coordinate both, so I was going to bring something to each). I got a pack of size 1s for her already, but maybe I’ll grab her a size 2 for the other shower?? :slight_smile:

I think she’s planning on doing a mix of the two, so I’ve got her bottles that she mentioned wanting and storage bags! I’m trying to get her more essential stuff for her shower gifts as well, like baby and mama care items, rather than cute little outfits and room decor (also, already gave her some of those when we first found out she was pregnant!), so this is a huge help for me as well!

They actually make diaper bags in backpack style! That’s what si invested in for my second and now use it for my third! Makes such a big difference!

As a first time mum the endless lists can look overwhelming so I’ll just start with at the hospital lol.

I’ve tried to break it down.

Newborn/ hospital bag
I usually pack a change of 4 babygrows ( you don’t know if you need to stay longer) x 4 vests/bodysuits for underneath the babygrows (layers keep baby warm)
Muslin clothes for nursing/sick ups from baby.
I’m not going to say a dummy/pacifier. It’s recommended that babies don’t have them at first as it can pacify their hunger cues and babies should be fed on demand.

Depending on whether you are bf or formula. Obviously formula or a breast pump maybe? Although hospitals provide them where I am (UK)
Newborn hats
Scratch mitts
Water wipes (chemical free so good option)
Sling (wrap around)
The baby’s car seat! Hah

Mums bag
Comfy underwear
Change of clothes
Hair bobbles and brush
Lip salve ( my lips get dry in hospitals)
Bottled water
Sanitry towels
Phone charger
Maternity notes ( UK not sure about usa)

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