Flora - about to soar in popularity?

I agree with pp it rise in popularity but won’t get in to the top 100 in the US. UK and Europe I think it has a chance to get maybe top 50ish. I think in the US, it will be outshined by [name_f]Nora[/name_f], [name_f]Cora[/name_f] and [name_f]Aurora[/name_f]. [name_f]Nora[/name_f] and [name_f]Aurora[/name_f] are soaring in popularity. I also think even with [name_f]Corona[/name_f], [name_f]Cora[/name_f] will continue to increase in popularity. [name_f]Aurora[/name_f] especially is on trend to hit top 20, maybe even top 10 in the US one day (I know maybe 3-4 in real life now, and a local hospital system put out top baby names of 2021 and [name_f]Aurora[/name_f] was number 7)

I think what is holding [name_f]Flora[/name_f] back is the [name_f]Flora[/name_f] and [name_f]Fauna[/name_f] and Microflora.

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I think it will definitely get into the top 200, but maybe not the top 50. and not very soon. It definitely has a lot of appeal and all the makings of a top name, but still rising slowly.

I agree with this. Im in the US and when I named my dog [name_f]Fiona[/name_f] many people were somewhat unfamiliar with the name. Not many F names are widely used here.