Florida inspired girl names

[name]Florida[/name] is very special to us, so we’d like to try to find a [name]Florida[/name] inspired name for a first or middle name. I’ve looked at the names of the tiny keys throughout [name]Florida[/name], to the names of State parks, beaches and lakes. I’ve even looked up names that have a “sunny” meaning (for the sunshine state). [name]Florida[/name] is so gigantic, I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface on name possibilities.
Some of my favorites so far:

[name]Harper[/name] ([name]Harper[/name] Key)
[name]Emerson[/name] ([name]Emerson[/name] Point [name]Park[/name])
[name]Amelia[/name] ([name]Amelia[/name] Island)
[name]Isla[/name] (Islamorada)
[name]Juno[/name] ([name]Juno[/name] [name]Beach[/name])
[name]Eden[/name] ([name]Eden[/name] Gardens State [name]Park[/name])
[name]Avalon[/name] (Avalon State Park)

Anyone have any other suggestions?

I don’t have any other suggestions, I’ve never been to [name]Florida[/name] but you have some beautiful choices already. I love [name]Isla[/name], followed by [name]Harper[/name] and [name]Amelia[/name]. Good luck!

[name]Mickey[/name] or [name]Minnie[/name], lol.

I know a girl named [name]Miami[/name] if that would appeal to you. You could use [name]Orlando[/name] for a boy as well, I actually love [name]Orlando[/name] for a boy. What about using the initials KEY, something like [name]Kate[/name] [name]Evelyn[/name] [name]Yvette[/name] or something like that to give you the initials KEY for the [name]Florida[/name] keys.

I actually love almost every name you listed! [name]Isla[/name] coming in first, then [name]Harper[/name] and [name]Emerson[/name]! You have some great choices!

Thanks so much! [name]One[/name] of my top names was always [name]Harper[/name], until a bazillion celebrities decided to use it, so I’m not sure it’s usable anymore? I do love [name]Isla[/name], but also worry about the trendiness factor.

You’re from Pensacola, such a beautiful place- surely you have more suggestions than Disney characters?

Cute! I love this. No one has tried to hard to come up with any good ones yet… I will try…

Sanibel - this one is a stretcch, but I kind of love it as a middle
[name]Coral[/name] - as in cape [name]Cora[/name]
Delray - Delray [name]Beach[/name]
Anastatasia - Anastatsiathis state park
[name]Virginia[/name] - [name]Virginia[/name] Key

This is all I got so far… this is pretty touugh. I have to run now, but I’ll try to look later and come back.

I used to go to [name]Anna[/name] [name]Maria[/name] Island

Interesting inspiration. Off the top of my head:

[name]Clematis[/name] (downtown [name]West[/name] Palm [name]Beach[/name])
([name]Saint[/name]) [name]Augustine[/name]
[name]Kennedy[/name] (space center)
([name]Port[/name] [name]Saint[/name]) [name]Lucie[/name]
[name]Belle[/name] ([name]Glade[/name])
[name]Winter[/name] [name]Haven[/name]
Sabal (Palm- state tree)

Sanibel is very pretty and unique

That’s where we were married :slight_smile: That’s the reason [name]Florida[/name] is special to us, but we’re just not sure we could use [name]Anna[/name]. That’s why we’re trying to branch out to [name]Florida[/name] as a whole.

Another name we added to the list is [name]Piper[/name]- there are a lot of Sandpipers by the shore every time we visit.

I thought of [name]Ever[/name] (from Everglades) as well! I really dig it, but unsure how others would take it. D

I’m from the area, and a lot of these arepodunk towns that I would not name a child after.

lol [name]Don[/name]'t worry, if I were to go with any name, it would likely be something affiliated with nature, whether it’s a park, beach, key etc. I won’t be picking a random town in the middle of the state :slight_smile:

I always thought Sanibel would make a very pretty name! I know it may seem to be a bit much, but have you considered [name]Florida[/name]? [name]Florida[/name] was a female name before it ever was the name of a state :slight_smile:

From your list I like these, but I do have concerns:

[name]Harper[/name]-I love this, but I fear it may be getting more popular
[name]Emerson[/name]-total GP
[name]Amelia[/name]-very pretty, but it is rising rapidly in popularity
[name]Isla[/name]-gorgeous name, but it makes me think of [name]Scotland[/name] more, plus it is extremely popular in many other Anglophone countries, I fear the States may be next
[name]Eden[/name]-very cool, but I think it may be taken more as a Biblical inspired name than a [name]Florida[/name] inspired name
[name]Avalon[/name]-this is a very cool name. I have always liked it, but again, I think of Celtic mythology and not really of [name]Florida[/name]

Other suggestions:

Sarasota (you can call her [name]Sara[/name] for short)

Well I assumed the OP wasn’t from [name]Florida[/name]. And I just chose the ones with the prettiest names, not because there’s anything great about the location

I grew up in south Palm [name]Beach[/name] and have always loved the name [name]Clematis[/name] but I know I could never use it