Fluffy Debate: Help me name my cat!

We have a new kitten that we found in a parking lot, in need of a home. We don’t know if it’s a girl or boy so we’re taking both boy and girl names. He is grayish/blackish and spotted/striped. He (or she) looks about 4 months. Anybody have any cute ideas for a name??? thanks!

Purrdita, [name]General[/name] Motor, Roary, [name]Dinah[/name], Binks, [name]Duke[/name], Duchess, [name]Dash[/name], [name]Sherlock[/name], Whiskey (better than Whiskers)

those are all adorable! thank you!

[name]Snow[/name] (like snow leopard)

My top choices for a cat would be my guilty pleasure names that probably wouldn’t suit for a child (some obviously wouldn’t be acceptable).

[name]Nike[/name] (after the greek goddess not the store)

Fishstix (I always thought this was cute for a cat)
[name]Parker[/name]–since you found it in a parking lot
Roamer–since it’s a stray