I am liking [name]Flynn[/name]…

It doesnt seem to be popular right now, not even in the top 1000 in the US (where I am)

However, i find this odd, and wonder how popular it will get?

Theres a character on a popular disney show with the name [name]Flynn[/name], as well as the lead character in the Disney Movie Tangled.

Also, as my husband points out, The character in GLEE - [name]Finn[/name]. He hates the show, and would hate hearing “ohh like the guy in Glee?” all the time - even though it is a different name, is it too close? and with the popularity of the show, do I have to worry about flynn rising in popularity, in other words, having multiple Finns and or Flynns in my sons kindergarten class?


I love [name]Flynn[/name]! It is at the top of my list at the moment. It breaks a number of my name rules, but I love it anyway. I’ve never seen Glee, so I have no idea about that. I worry about its similarity to [name]Finn[/name], but [name]Finn[/name] isn’t very popular in my area (at least I’ve never heard it). It seems like it would have to jump a lot to ever get too popular in the next few years, considering it isn’t even in the top 1000 right now.

Very true! [name]Finn[/name] doesnt seem popular in my area either.

It’s hard to judge because if I’m honest I see [name]Finn[/name]/[name]Flynn[/name] talked about all the time on this site and although I live in the UK, I would seriously expect it to hit the top 1000 quite considerably. [name]Finn[/name] is the 131st most popular boys name in the UK right now and it wouldn’t surprise me if that cracked the top 100. [name]Flynn[/name] is the 289th most popular boys name but I’d expect to see that move considerably and if I’m right the US usually follows the UK slightly so I’d expect both [name]Finn[/name] and [name]Flynn[/name] to rise rapidly in the US.

It could be that you just haven’t met any [name]Flynn[/name]'s and then all of sudden they will be everywhere, but with it being outside of the top 1000 you should be OK. It’s just it’s use on tv shows and in films is likely to inspire a lot of people!

Thanks for the input!