Found my older girls name list!

I was probably around 14 when I drew this up. I’m only going to post the ones that are way off of my current list.

Aryka (Because I knew a girl named Erica who spelled it Aryka and thought it was so great/different)
Jazmin (ICK. I cannot stand this now.)
Leoni (my great-grandmothers name)

A lot of the others are still on my list: Gabrielle, Emma, Adriana, Isabelle, Noelle, Serenity, Selena.
Or are not far off it: Aria, Ariana, Avery, Aubrey, Ava, Carina, Dalia, Eliana, Ella, Kiara, Karine, Natalie, Tatiana.


I’m quite pleased with how my lists have been. I was about 5 when Hadassah was my favourite name followed by Evangeline at 6, Rebecca at 6, Alexandra from 6+, Allison from 5+, Ashley, Brittany, and Alyssa during my 9+ to tween years, Cassandra nn Cassie from about 13-15, Natalie at around…12/13? and more through out the years.

Oh man, I cringe every time I come across an old list of mine, haha. Some of these are quite nice, others are pretty ‘typical’ for 14 year olds. Nicolyla is interesting!

I like [name]Leah[/name], [name]Nora[/name] and [name]Tara[/name] pretty well. [name]Alia[/name], [name]Kyla[/name] and [name]Vanessa[/name] are OK. I don’t care much for the others, and you are so right about [name]Jazmin[/name]! I was about 13 when a couple we knew named their baby girl [name]Jazmin[/name] [name]Jo[/name]. Couldn’t stand it then, can’t stand it now. All of my “old list favorites” are now off my list, but I still think most of them are OK: [name]Anna[/name], [name]Autumn[/name], [name]Judith[/name] ([name]Judy[/name]), [name]Leah[/name] and [name]Rebekah[/name].

I still like [name]Kyla[/name]. But I don’t like [name]Kylie[/name] or [name]Kayla[/name]… go figure.

Yeah. When I saw [name]Jazmin[/name] my jaw dropped, and I felt like a bad puppy. lol.

Nicolyla…I think I got it from a story I’d read of a girl named Nikolina, and I decided I’d like a Nicolyla more. Lol.

I like [name]Leonie[/name], [name]Leah[/name] and [name]Nora[/name].

The rest, meh. You sure did like your Ys!