Fuller name for Wolf/Wolfie/Wulf?

I’ve been loving [name]Wolf[/name] a lot recently. It’s just THE coolest name ever for a little boy. But I’ve been wondering if maybe it should have something more substantial, to well, fall back on I suppose.

I don’t like [name]Wolfgang[/name] at all. I was thinking possibly [name]Wilfred[/name]? But I don’t know (I love the connection to [name]Wilfred[/name] [name]Owens[/name], but it sounds a bit feminine to me). I know that if it was an ‘inside nickname’ only used by family then [name]Wolf[/name] could be used for loads of W names, but I just find it strange and a bit pretentious saying something like ‘This is my son [name]William[/name], he goes by [name]Wolf[/name]’.

Any suggestions which aren’t too stretched would be great!

Wolfram is a nice one.
Wolfric as well.
[name]Winslow[/name]? Wentworth? (getting pretentious again…) [name]Willoughby[/name]? Wolstan, Wymond, Wynford?

And [name]Wilfred[/name] is anything but feminine to me. I understand it’s close to [name]Winifred[/name], but [name]Winifred[/name] is not on most people’s minds these days and hardly anyone will make the connection. And [name]Winifred[/name] is one of the most masculine sounding girls names I know. If I had never heard it before I would assume it was a boy.

I agree with dearest … Wolfric sounds cool! <3

Wolfram immediately came to mind for me.

Beowulf / Beowolf (pronounced [name]BAY[/name]-oh-wolf.) I like Wolfram, too.

[name]Wilfred[/name] [name]Owen[/name] would be a cool yet poignant namesake, even if hypothetical [name]Wolf[/name]'s not that into poetry. The TV show [name]Wilfred[/name] has made it more familiar so I think it’s a good choice, since it now has both modern and historical/literary connotations. Being nicknamed [name]Wolf[/name] only makes it cooler.

Lol, but I can’t help but feel that nothing beats just being called [name]Wolf[/name]. Maybe with a solider middle name? :slight_smile: Well, it’s up to you.

I like [name]Wolf[/name], just [name]Wolf[/name]. My brother has it as a MN, named after a great-grandfather, and my brother has always liked it, ever since he was tiny. He does hate when people try to make it [name]Wolfgang[/name], but that’s happened less as people know [name]Wolf[/name] Blitzer, etc.

I have to say I don’t think of it as as modern as most nameberries do, lol, its a bit of a nostalgia choice for me. Great-granddad did go by [name]William[/name] in [name]America[/name], it was about 1904 when he emigrated and he wasn’t big on sticking out, I think. All his siblings changed their names.

Prefer Wolfram to [name]Wolfgang[/name]. But I had to stick up for just [name]Wolf[/name]. :wink:

I like [name]Wolf[/name] as is

Names that mean wolf
[name]Lupe[/name] “loo-pay”

I’d add Ze’ev/[name]Zev[/name] to the list above as far as means wolf.

[name]Raul[/name]/[name]Raoul[/name] means “wolf counsel.”

Thanks for the suggestions!

Dearest (and others)-
Wolfram and Wolfric are both great, but not really my style honestly. [name]Winslow[/name] and [name]Willoughby[/name] are more my style, but they’re realistically too stretched and [name]Willoughby[/name] is the surname of a well-known TV presenter in the UK who I highly dislike, and it’s starting to become quite popular here too.

And [name]Wilfred[/name] is certainly growing on me. I actually know a few girls named [name]Winifred[/name], so that’s what put me off (they are rather similar), but I definitely could love it.

Beowulf is just amazing, but it feels a bit too ‘out of my league’ if you get what I mean.

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Ulric[/name]! [name]Rudolph[/name], too, although I’d never ever do that to a child haha. But using something which has the same meaning is a bit too stretched in my opinion (much like [name]Margaret[/name] nn [name]Pearl[/name] etc).

Stiped Socks-
I’ve never actually thought of it as modern, really. Definitely an old-man name to me! I still do love it though. I like [name]Raoul[/name] too, but there is a very very negative association of it in my area and will be for many years to come, I think.

Thanks again everyone. I think ‘just [name]Wolf[/name]’ will stay on my list, possibly with the addition of [name]Wilfred[/name] nn [name]Wolf[/name].

I like [name]Wolf[/name] on its own. Maybe consider a middle name that he could “fall back on” – he could always go by “W. MiddleName” professionally or if he feels that [name]Wolf[/name] isn’t his style once he’s older.

I can see with some other more informal “nickname names” being concerned about whether they’ll grow with a child and wanting to have a more formal name to use later, but [name]Wolf[/name] is a really strong, masculine, and distinctive name that seems equally appropriate for a boy or a grown man.