Fundie Baby Name Megathread

My discussions of non-famous fundamentalists are clogging up the celebrity baby name thread, so here’s a megathread for that.

Karissa Collins is expecting #10. Her current children are Anissa, Andrae (m), Annistan, Anjalie, Andersyn (f), Aynjel, Ansyr (f), Anchor, and Anthym (f). My money’s on some unhinged spelling of Anointed.

Zsu Anderson, whose husband Steven is literally the most hateful human being alive, is expecting #12 in June. Please no more. Current children are Solomon, Isaac, John, Miriam, Rebecca, Anna, Stephen, Boaz, Chloe, Peter, and Eva. She has mentioned sticking to a pattern, but the only one I can tell is Biblical names that work in English and German/Hungarian, with no repeating initials. Stephen is an exception, but he was named after his father on a bet. Personally, I’m thinking Debora or Thirza.

[name_f]Priscilla[/name_f] Keller/Waller had a baby girl named [name_f]Deborah[/name_f] [name_f]Joy[/name_f].

Interesting to hear [name_f]Deborah[/name_f] on a baby.