[name]Do[/name] you like the name [name]Gala[/name]?

If it’s on an apple, yes. On a baby… not so much.

It is Spanish I think. It was [name]Salvador[/name] Dali’s wife’s name.

It’s a Russian nickname for some name I don’t remember. [name]Gala[/name] Dali was Russian.

I am definitly Not feeling [name]Gala[/name] as a name. [name]Galia[/name] is an improvement, but doesnt sit well with me either.

So it isn’t common in the USA ? - I know a few in New Zealand. I prefer [name]Gala[/name] to [name]Galia[/name].

Not at all. Americans will just think of apples. And they’re not even particularly good apples.

LOL to the pp…hilarious!
I am an American and immediately thought of gala meaning an event or celebration.

What about Galadria…isn’t that a name? [name]Gala[/name] could be nn.

For an apple or a party, but not a baby.