Gender-colored hyperlinks

I know many of you have been questioning and wondering about the change in the colors of nam hyperlinks the forums. I wanted to give you an update of what has been decided by the team.

First, some background. The reason for this change is that all name pages were switched to a different URL format. This change was for SEO purposes, and you may notice that when you go to a name page (try Bryn) for example, it gives you an option to click and switch between the girl and boy name pages for the name.

With this change, there is no longer a “landing page” for the name with both genders. There used to be an “in-between” page with a separate URL and this no longer exists. Names with both a boy and girl name entry used to hyperlink automatically to this landing page, thus showing up green. Names with only a girl page linked pink, and only boy page linked blue.

The goal currently is for names to automatically link to the most popular gender page on Nameberry. We’ve put this in place as of yesterday so any posts prior to that this won’t apply to. It is still a work in progress, and please let me know if you come across cases where the names link to a gender that doesn’t make sense.

Thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding with the situation!


To clarify: are the pink and blue hyperlinks on the forum staying the way they are right now?

There will not be any more green hyperlinks, unfortunately. The current plan is to keep them as they are now, unless the most recent fix as of yesterday is still not working properly.

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Hey, I know you’re probably aware of this, but I really appreciate having the gender-neutral links (and honestly I think there should be neutral pages as well as girl and boy ones for neutral names but that’s a different thing altogether). It would be great if you could find a way to reinstate the gender-neutral links at some point. /NM


Hi Berries,
Apologies in advance for the very long post.

I know that the removal of green hyperlinks from the site has been upsetting to many Berries and I want to say that I do hear you and I truly am sorry.

As much as the colors pink and blue are not inherently “boy” or “girl” colors, the green links did symbolize a gender neutrality that is now gone. I want to apologize to anyone for whom the green links were gender affirming or helped to create a safe space on the forums.

In a better world, I believe names would not be gendered or sexed at all. As it stands, the Social Security Administration in the US as well as most other countries that release baby name data do have separate data for male/female or boy/girl names, and Nameberry formats our site off of this data.

This data is based off of the sex that babies are assigned at birth, which is not only disregarding that biological sex is not “this or that” and ignores the existence of intersex people, but also is falsely implying that biological sex = gender.

I explained a bit previously about why the green links have disappeared due to changes in the name pages URLs, and while the change was not intended to remove the green links (and we didn’t know that it would until afterwards), it did have this effect and so I am sorry for that.

We are so grateful to have an amazing community of trans, non-binary, and queer Berries that help to make this an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone. As a queer person myself I am blown away every day by how amazing and supportive of a community we have created here.

But of course there is always room to grow and work to be done! I want to welcome (and encourage!) any Berries who have ideas of how to make Nameberry more inclusive to DM me with your thoughts and ideas.


I really appreciate your reply, Brynn. As a non-binary person and someone who likes to see statistics accurately represented (ie, green representing use for multiple sexes), I am sad to lose the green hyperlinks. However, I also understand how frustrating things can be while working behind the scenes.

I am curious to know how international statistics and previous decades’ statistics will affect the site-chosen links. For example, the name Sasha is predominately used for boys in Europe and for girls in North America; and the name Ashley was once only used for boys.
I’m assuming the popularity will be based on recent data, but I am worried about the possible effects of Americentrism.

Again, thank you for taking the time to create this thread and post your recent response.


That’s a great question!

The page that automatically links is defaulted to the one that gets the most views on Nameberry, and is not based on any specific nation’s data.


Would some one be able to simply explain to me how to manually switch the colour/gender of a name hyperlink? Thanks!

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@VTW did it earlier with [name_f]Catharine[/name_f] so maybe, they know how to do it. When I try to hack it, it ends up that dark blue color of when you’ve already clicked the name :woman_facepalming:.

[ name_m] [ /name_m] without the space in the beginning. F for female, m for male, u for unisex :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! [name_m]Just[/name_m] tried it out, and it works!

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