Gender Reveal Ideas

Would love to use this space to generate ideas for announcing gender of child(ren). I encourage everyone to share their ideas or experiences to help myself and other people :slight_smile:

For my first child’s gender reveal we had a keeper of the gender load paint and water into water guns and we wore white outfits and then saw the marks on our clothes and we were blessed with our son!

For future children (depending on when they are due) i had thought of a July / fireworks gender reveal ; December / January New Year’s Eve ball drop with colored confetti’s ; September / fall inspiration s’more love and have the fire change colors. My friend had decorated her Christmas tree in pink or blue lights to find out the gender of her second daughter.

Would love to hear what everyone else did or would like to do to keep me thinking of ideas for our next baby :).


I love the [name_f]Christmas[/name_f] tree one, that is so cute! We did a small firework for the 4th of july in our backyard, and it was fun, but to be honest I would not recommend that to anyone. Using explosives of any kind is just not a smart way to do it honestly, people have gotten hurt.

In hindsight I would have done something more practical - I like the ball drop with confetti idea. How do you get a bonfire to change colors though?


Oh yeh for sure I wouldn’t trust just anyone to do the fireworks!

To change fire it’s like a chemistry science experiment. To make a pink flame you mix the fire with lithium chloride (and I heard adding heet makes the fire stay pink a bit longer) and there is this shop on Amazon for mystical fire that sells just blue flames mix, which contains the powder needed to turn the flame blue. I also like the idea of lights around the fire pit too, just in case the fire color change doesn’t work entirely — the lights would still be a give away :joy:


[name_m]Ah[/name_m], that is so interesting! I’m a little scared to mess with the fire enough to change its color but I’m sure it’s simple and I’m just a scaredy cat.
If there are kids participating too, I like the idea of a piñata, or silly string. I may try those with my nieces if they are big enough by the time another baby comes around the family, should that happen. It seems like a great way to involve them and let them have fun with it :heartpulse:


We did a gender reveal for our son that was basic just opened a box and balloons popped out, your ideas are so so cute though! We will be finding out the gender of our 2nd baby in [name_f]October[/name_f] so I’m thinking maybe filling a pumpkin with confetti and smashing it? Gender reveals are so much fun!

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Awww congratulations!!! That sounds like so much fun :slight_smile:
I had seen something about a pumpkin and smoke coming out of it, but I like the idea of smashing a pumpkin better — feels more involved

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I didn’t have a gender reveal party per se but I knew I was going to have the blood test/early gender determination ultrasound at 14 weeks, so I’d know, so I wanted to have some fun with all my people to announce it.

What I did is I created a little raffle setup. Two glass jars, one labeled boy and the other girl, and sheets of paper in blue/pink. Everyone cast their vote by writing their name and/or a little message on the corresponding paper and stuck it in the jar. If family, friends, or co-workers weren’t
nearby I got their votes and cast for them. When I found out baby’s sex I drew a name out of the “winning” jar and gave them a little prize, which ended up being a gift card and chocolates

Funny enough the ‘boy jar’ had the most votes and I am indeed having a son! :blush::blue_heart:


Awwww!! I absolutely love that idea :slight_smile: