Getting obsessed with Greek Mythology!

yes, i am!!
names i am really liking are

[name]Andromeda[/name]: this name has always reminded me of a sci-fi robot movie though :frowning:
[name]Rhea[/name]: it goes on the end of an unpleasent word :’(
[name]Thalassa[/name]: i would use this is a heartbeat! but i think it’s a product though?
[name]Athena[/name]: looove
and my most favourite…

[name]Alcyone[/name]! if I were to have 2 daughters, second born would be [name]Alcyone[/name]!! thoughts ?

i know this kind of thread has been done a lot before but
are their some suitable names you know/like that can also be used? like [name]Selene[/name] for ex. ones that don’t really have a horrific story?

[name]Althea[/name] is a quite lovely name. [name]Anthea[/name] too.

Here are some more I found you might like. I’m not surethe story behind most of them though.

[name]Calliope[/name] - [name]Cally[/name] would be a cute nn
Elpis - The personification of [name]Hope[/name]. That’s a nice one.