Girl names including "AR"

Looking for any and all suggestions of baby girl names that include “AR”. Begining, middle or end, doesnt matter but an AR in there some how! I have a few in mind but I so curious as to what the experts think!:slight_smile:

The first that comes to mind are names like [name]Arlene[/name], [name]Marlene[/name], [name]Darlene[/name], [name]Charlene[/name]. [name]Karen[/name]. [name]Carrie[/name]. [name]Sharon[/name]. [name]Mary[/name]. [name]Marla[/name]. [name]Aria[/name]. [name]Ariana[/name].


Looking through the other forums I realised I am being very ELUSIVE! Here is some more info:

Mom = [name]Marilyn[/name]
Dad = Tarn
Brother = [name]Hart[/name]

Didnt plan for the AR trend but a friend pointed it out and now we are hooked on that idea.

She is coming at the end of [name]June[/name]!

“She” isnt coming from me but my aunt that has… (dun dun dun) DIAL UP INTERNET!:stuck_out_tongue:

If you click on “super search” on the top of the page, you can do a search specifically for girls’ names containing ‘ar’. Have you tried that yet?

Some that came to mind that I don’t think have been mentioned yet …

[name]Marlo[/name] / [name]Marlow[/name] / [name]Marlowe[/name]
[name]Carolina[/name] / [name]Karolina[/name]

[name]Ariella[/name] / [name]Arielle[/name]



[name]Amar[/name] (means “unfading flower”)

You have a lot of great suggestions! I’m not sure I can come up with anything new and great. [name]Do[/name] the “A” and “R” have to be right next to each other? Or can they be separated by a letter, like [name]Aurelia[/name]/[name]Aurelie[/name] and [name]Aurora[/name]?

[name]Lara[/name] ([name]Laura[/name]?)
[name]Cara[/name]/[name]Clara[/name] ([name]Claire[/name]?)
[name]Marisa[/name]/[name]Marissa[/name] (I say them differently; mah-[name]REE[/name]-sah vs. mah-RISS-ah…)

Good luck!