Girl Names with Long A Sound

[name]Hi[/name] everyone,

Our last name is [name]MacLean[/name], and we were hoping to find names with the long a sound ([name]Grace[/name]), but that don’t rhyme with [name]MacLean[/name] (e.g., [name]Jane[/name]). Any ideas out there?


hmmm, do you want it to end with and ‘ay’ sound or do you have a certain amount of syllables you would like?

some suggestions

[name]Eilidh[/name] (ay-lee)
[name]Thea[/name] (tay-uh)

[name]Mireille[/name] (mee-[name]RAY[/name]))/[name]Mireia[/name]/Mireio (doesn’t rhyme with, but admittedly not the best with MacClean because of the alliteration.)

I think a name with the long A sound in the first syllable sounds lovely with [name]MacLean[/name]. [name]Ava[/name], [name]Hazel[/name] and [name]Daisy[/name] are all excellent suggestions. I’d stay away from one syllable names with the long A because it’s a bit too much long A in one name, you know? [name]Grace[/name] [name]MacLean[/name], [name]Kate[/name] [name]MacLean[/name], [name]Jade[/name] [name]Maclean[/name], etc. Other names (very random list):

[name]Georgiana[/name] (jor-[name]JAY[/name]-nuh)

[name]Hope[/name] that helps!