Girls name - magical

Hi All

I am unable to find a suitable girls name that means [name_u]Magic[/name_u] / Magical / [name_m]Black[/name_m] [name_u]Magic[/name_u] etc

(also: Witch / Witchcraft / Sorcery / Sorceress / Necromancy / Crossroads / Underworld / Spell / Enchantment / Incantation / Divination etc)

Maybe one of you can help me create a new name, invent a name

For eg: [name_f]Fae[/name_f] means fairy or magical creature and [name_f]Elina[/name_f] means [name_u]Light[/name_u] - so if you put the 2 together you get Faelina which means fairy lights which is so pretty

Please can you help me, thanks :slight_smile:

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Faelina and it’s meaning is really cool.
It could definitely be a name, especially in a story.

Underworld makes me think of Hades so maybe Hadessa? Hadina? The Greek word for Hades is [name_f]Adis[/name_f] (ah-dees) so any name starting with [name_u]Adi[/name_u]- could work. [name_f]Adina[/name_f], Adissa, etc.
Cerbera, from Cerberus, the guard of the underworld?
[name_f]Hecate[/name_f] was the ancient Greek goddess of magic. Trivia is the [name_m]Roman[/name_m] goddess of crossroads. [name_f]Isis[/name_f] the Egyptian goddess of magic. If you don’t want to use their exact names:
Adisis ([name_f]Adis[/name_f] and [name_f]Isis[/name_f])
The name [name_f]Maya[/name_f]/Maia pronounced [name_f]My[/name_f]-ah is the same as one of the Greek words for witchcraft.
Neraida is the Greek word for fairy (ner-EYE-da)

Thanks so much :). [name_f]My[/name_f] character is actually based on [name_f]Hecate[/name_f] so i dont want to use the exact names or similar. I do like the idea of incorporating Trivia somehow.

Taika (tah-ee-kah/tai-kah) means ‘magic, spell’ in Finnish, maybe that would work? It’s a literal translation, like a word name, but apparently has some (rare) usage as a given name there.

hmmm i like, how do these names look?..

i think i want her name to start with an -H - lol not making this easy am i lol

Taika = change the T to a H = Haika
Halmista (god of magic) = change the Ha to He = Helmista
Halmista + Kiama (magic) = Halkiama or Helkiama

I want the name to look feminine

Artibus— maleficis artibus is sorcery in Latin
Augura— auguratricis is the Latin word for sorceress
[name_u]Cato[/name_u]/Kato: see [name_f]Cosma[/name_f]
Compita— Latin for crossroads.
[name_f]Cosma[/name_f]/Kosma: κάτω κόσμος, or káto kósmos, is underworld in Greek
[name_f]Ferra[/name_f]— inferis is Latin for underworld.
Magissa— Greek for witch, sorceress
Python— pythonissam is Latin for witch.
[name_f]Sahira[/name_f]— means witch, sorceress in Arabic.

I made these up, but they sound real enough, right? They… don’t start with an H, but most seem pretty feminine. Artibus, [name_u]Cato[/name_u], and Python might not seem feminine enough, but they seem fine to me (except for maybe Python).

LMK what you think!

Hi. Oh wow i really like some of these. Thanks so much :slight_smile: