Greek origin of Lila/Lilah

Hello, I am interested in the Greek origin of the name [name]Lila[/name]/[name]Lilah[/name]. A lot of different websites say it’s Greek, but I can’t seem to verify this at all. I would like to know the actual Greek word it comes from, like λ… (in Greek letters).
[name]Just[/name] like [name]Sebastian[/name] is derived from σεβαστός for example. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

As far as I was aware, [name]Lila/name was just a diminutive of [name]Delilah[/name], which is Hebrew. Besides that, in most places I’ve seen it listed as Arabic.

To write [name]Lila[/name] is Greek is Λιλά.

According to a Greek dictionary I looked through, [name]Lila[/name] (λιλά) is another word for purple in Greek, referring to the lilac colour.