Opinions, reviews, thoughts on the Haakaa products?

Have a haakaa silicone pump, use it to pump during breastfeeding and find it works great. [name_f]My[/name_f] only complaint is that I am cleaning it constantly since I pump at every feed, but that’s just a logistics thing.

I was looking at that and the ladybug. I have a Medela electric pump. [name_f]My[/name_f] children didn’t really do bottles but I was intrigued by the suction pump collecting letdown while nursing.

It’s good if you want to do the occasional bottle or freeze. I am able to give a bottle per day, or rather I let Daddy do it, when my supply is lowest in the evening. If we skip a day,I can get ahead or end up freezing some as an emergency stash.

[name_f]My[/name_f] best friend used one. She said it was mostly good for getting a few extra ounces out, to freeze or for just in case. She said it didn’t make a big enough difference to her to justify the hype, which is one reason I turned down hers when she was done with it lol

I also know some women who rave about them. I have one friend who kept it on hand to help get milk clogs out (epsom salt and water, attach it and it helps draw out the milk, I guess).

I think it just depends on the person and situation. I believe they are relatively cheap or you could try to borrow/buy one from a friend, to see how you like it.

Changed my mind on the catcher and ordered the silicone suction pump. I plan to use the Medela when I want larger quantities but figure this is easy and inexpensive enough to try while nursing.

I loved mine! The amount of milk I caught from let down on the side I wasn’t nursing from was amazing! It helped stock my supply in the freezer. I just popped it on every time I fed and at my fullest and when I was feeding the most, I could catch and extra 3-4 ounces!
I bought the ladybugs thinking I could use them at night or maybe while pumping at work, but I didn’t have the same results with them.

  • edited to add a note - on keeping them clean, I would put it in a coffee cup (which also kept it from turning over or spilling) and used the fridge trick like with my pumping supplies. That helped tremendously with the washing and hoping it got dry.