Hanson Names

I dont know if they even are still a band, but I just read this article in an old people magazine and then did some quick wikipedia research… anyways, this family is full of some wonderful names!!! (For anyone lost on whom I am speaking about, [name]Hanson[/name] is/was a band thats most famous song was “Mmm Bopp”
[name]Clarke[/name] Iasaac ([name]Isaac[/name]) is the oldest, his children are… [name]Clarke[/name] [name]Everett[/name] (goes by [name]Everett[/name]) and [name]James[/name] [name]Monroe[/name] (goes by [name]Monroe[/name])

[name]Jordan[/name] [name]Taylor[/name] (Goes by [name]Taylor[/name] & is the middle brother in the band… I know they have alot of other siblings, Im not sure his placement in the family) his children are…
[name]Jordan[/name] [name]Ezra[/name] ([name]Ezra[/name]), Peneolpe [name]Anne[/name], [name]River[/name] [name]Samuel[/name] & [name]Viggo[/name] [name]Moriah[/name].

[name]Zachary[/name] [name]Walker[/name] is the youngest in the band, he has one son, [name]John[/name] [name]Ira[/name] [name]Shepard[/name].

I thought I’d share as there names are all nice & unique, and [name]Ive[/name] seen alot of interest in these names on nameberry… I myself am considering [name]Walker[/name] or [name]River[/name] for my sons name.

I relly like [name]Everett[/name], [name]Ezra[/name], [name]Samuel[/name], and [name]Penelope[/name] [name]Anne[/name].

Sorry this is repetitive, but it is easier for me to look at this as a family tree, and I was (shamefully) interested…

THE [name]HANSON[/name] FAMILY
[name]Clarke[/name] [name]Walker[/name] “[name]Walker[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] & [name]Diana[/name] [name]Frances[/name] ([name]Lawyer[/name]) [name]Hanson[/name]
[name]Clarke[/name] [name]Isaac[/name] “[name]Isaac[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (29)
[name]Jordan[/name] [name]Taylor[/name] “[name]Taylor[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (26)
[name]Zachary[/name] [name]Walker[/name] “[name]Zac[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (24)
[name]Jessica[/name] [name]Grace[/name] “[name]Jessie[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (21)
[name]Avery[/name] [name]Laurel[/name] “[name]Avie[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (18)
[name]Joshua[/name] [name]Mackenzie[/name] “[name]Mac[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (15)
[name]Zoe[/name] [name]Genevieve[/name] [name]Hanson[/name] (11)

[name]ISAAC[/name]'S FAMILY
[name]Clarke[/name] [name]Isaac[/name] “[name]Isaac[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] & [name]Nicole[/name] “[name]Nikki[/name]” (Dufresne) [name]Hanson[/name]
[name]Clarke[/name] [name]Everett[/name] “[name]Everett[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (2)
[name]James[/name] [name]Monroe[/name] “[name]Monroe[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (1)

[name]TAYLOR[/name]'S FAMILY
[name]Jordan[/name] [name]Taylor[/name] “[name]Taylor[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] & [name]Natalie[/name] [name]Anne[/name] ([name]Bryant[/name]) [name]Hanson[/name]
[name]Jordan[/name] [name]Ezra[/name] “[name]Ezra[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (7)
[name]Penelope[/name] [name]Anne[/name] [name]Hanson[/name] (4)
[name]River[/name] [name]Samuel[/name] [name]Hanson[/name] (3)
[name]Viggo[/name] [name]Moriah[/name] [name]Hanson[/name] (<1)

[name]ZAC[/name]'S FAMILY
[name]Zachary[/name] [name]Walker[/name] “[name]Zac[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] & [name]Kathryn[/name] “[name]Kate[/name]” ([name]Tucker[/name]) [name]Hanson[/name]
[name]John[/name] [name]Ira[/name] [name]Shepherd[/name] “[name]Shepherd[/name]” [name]Hanson[/name] (1)

Quite a family indeed! Of their names, I like [name]Walker[/name], [name]Laurel[/name], [name]Genevieve[/name], [name]James[/name], [name]Monroe[/name], and [name]Penelope[/name].

Interesting that they commonly use the middle names to go by instead of first names.

I’ve been a [name]Hanson[/name] fan since I was eight.

[name]Penelope[/name] goes by [name]Penny[/name] :slight_smile: They’re all adorable!

Here’s [name]Tay[/name] and his family. [name]Precious[/name]!


Oh my goodness, [name]Viggo[/name] is an absolutely beautiful baby!