Hartford or Hawkins?

Which name do you like better? [name]Do[/name] you even like either name? Thx

Are they family names? I would probably only use these if they were family names, and choose the one that has the most significance. [name]Hart[/name] and [name]Hawk[/name] are both cute nicknames!

Quite frankly, I love both Hartford and Hawkins (mainly due to [name]Stephen[/name] Hawking, and I also love Dawkins…for [name]Richard[/name] Dawkins. [name]Hence[/name] why I combime the two names in my head… Lol).

But, quite frankly, I would choose Hartford over Hawkins. While Hawkins is cool, and the nickname [name]Hawk[/name] is pretty rad, I just can’t see it on a 50 year old man.
Hartford is an awesome name. The nicknames [name]Hart[/name] and [name]Ford[/name] are awesome, and it’s cool that he could go with either one. [name]Hart[/name] is really cool, and [name]Ford[/name] is tough sounding.

You really can’t go wrong with either one, in my opinion. But Hartford is my favorite.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Edit[/name]: oh my god I feel like a tard… It’s [name]Stephen[/name] Hawking, not Hawkins. For some reason my brain combines Hawking and Dawkins, and I get Hawkins. I apologize. So please disregard above comments about Hawkins, which I will delete.
Hartford still gets my vote!

Ditto, though I prefer Hartford just on sound alone. (But part of me says, 'In Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire. hurricanes hardly happen.") :slight_smile:

Ok i think i Like Hartford better and like that we can call him [name]Hart[/name] or [name]Ford[/name] two really cute nicknames. Out of this list which name do you guys prefer? [name]Will[/name] be joining brothers [name]Aidan[/name], [name]Rowan[/name], [name]Declan[/name], & Krew, due in 3 weeks and not sure of the sex of the baby.
[name]Dax[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]
[name]Cassius[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]
[name]Leif[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]
Hartford [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]
[name]Ryker[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]

Thanks for all your help!

[name]Dax[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]- I don’t like it with [name]Declan[/name], but otherwise I do. Also, a bit abrupt with your last name.
[name]Cassius[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]- I think this would be a great choice. Totally goes with your other 3 older kids and [name]Cash[/name] is great with Krew. [name]Cassius[/name] [name]Brown[/name] has a great ring to it!
[name]Leif[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]- don’t like it with your last name at all.
Hartford [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]- well, Hartford is my number one name, so I love it! Only problem is that it’s totally different than your other kids names, but that doesn’t matter so much. [name]Hart[/name] and [name]Ford[/name] both go great with the brothers, so whichever you chose would be perfect!
[name]Ryker[/name] [name]Urban[/name] [name]Brown[/name]- I think it’s a little too hardcore

I would definitely eliminate [name]Dax[/name] and [name]Leif[/name] for the reasons I stated. I personally don’t like [name]Ryker[/name] alone or with the sibset. That leaves Hartford and [name]Cassius[/name]. I think if I were you I would choose [name]Cassius[/name]. But obviously I also love Hartford, so it’s hard to say!

They both sound pretentious, but Hartford is a little better. Hawkins sounds like the name of a butler in a movie.