Have I gone completely crazy? Cleopatra nn Leo

I think I’ve gone even more nuts than usual! I somehow got it into my head the other day that [name]Cleopatra[/name] nn [name]Leo[/name], for a really tomboyish girl, would be cute. Obviously I’m not having kids anytime soon, but want opinions! [name]Do[/name] you think a [name]Cleopatra[/name] (or [name]Cleo[/name], for that matter) could have the nn [name]Leo[/name]? Or is [name]Leo[/name] still strictly a boy’s name?

I’ve heard of the nn [name]Leo[/name] on elderly folk. I’m assuming For [name]Leona[/name] or something similar. Of course you can nn a kid anything you want, but [name]Leo[/name] isn’t really intuitive for [name]Cleopatra[/name]. When she’s young, people may or may not follow your lead and call her [name]Leo[/name], but when she’s older, she’ll probably end up [name]Cleo[/name]. Which, in my opinion, is loads nicer :slight_smile:

I just posted a very similar thread… including that headline asking if I was going crazy! Too funny! I think [name]Leo[/name] on a girl could be really cute. I was thinking of using it with [name]Eloise[/name]. Though it’s a bit of a stretch. It could definitely work with [name]Cleopatra[/name], as well as [name]Leona[/name] and [name]Leonie[/name].

I don’t know…[name]Leo[/name] is just too masculine for me to ever use. It’s just something I would rather hear on a boy. I’m also not too fond of [name]Cleopatra[/name], although I do think [name]Cleo[/name] is super cute.

I personally think [name]Leo[/name] is too masculine, but we’re not talking about naming a girl [name]Leo[/name]. You want to give her a feminine name with the option of going by [name]Leo[/name], which I think works fine. If [name]Cleopatra[/name] doesn’t like being [name]Leo[/name] she can be [name]Cleo[/name], [name]Lea[/name], Patra, [name]Patty[/name], etc.

For the record, I adore [name]Cleopatra[/name] and I know one :slight_smile: I think [name]Leo[/name] (or [name]Lea[/name] for that matter) would be fine to make [name]Cleopatra[/name] not as “out there”.

I think [name]Cleopatra[/name] with the nickname [name]Leo[/name] is cute. I am not a fan of masculine given names on girls, but I don’t mind them as nicknames. That way the child has options. I do think [name]Cleo[/name] as a nn is adorable!

I vastly prefer [name]Cleo[/name] anyway, but yeah, it could work. It could also work for [name]Leonora[/name].

I feel like we’re missing a huge point here… The name cleopatra. I prefer the nn [name]Leo[/name] for a boy, but more than that, I can’t imagine meeting a cleopatra. Maybe I’m the only one, but it’s a name like [name]Madonna[/name] or [name]Cher[/name], not something i’d use for a baby.

Honestly, [name]Cleopatra[/name] isn’t a woman I’d ever want to name my child after. And with the nn [name]Leo[/name], it’s just way too heavy and over the top.

I like the idea, for sure. But I adore [name]Cleo[/name], so I’d be inclined to call the child that even if she were a bit of a tomboy. I do agree that [name]Cleopatra[/name] wouldn’t be my choice of getting to [name]Leo[/name] though. Not the greatest namesake.

I’ve always sort of liked the nn [name]Leo[/name] on a girl. The name feels like it can be feminine to me (in the same vein as [name]Hero[/name], [name]Juno[/name], etc.) I would use it as an nn for [name]Leora[/name]/[name]Liora[/name] rather than [name]Cleopatra[/name] though. I like the suggestions of [name]Leona[/name] and [name]Cleo[/name], too.

I love it!!

I also like [name]Cleo[/name] better than [name]Leo[/name] on a little girl.

I will say, several years ago I answered the phone at work and spoke with a woman named [name]Cleopatra[/name]. I actually had her repeat/spell it because I was sure I heard her wrong the first time! It was just very surprising. The name has a pretty sound to it, and [name]Cleo[/name]/[name]Leo[/name], cute yes, but just be prepared for the occasional raised eyebrow.

I think [name]Leo[/name] as a nn is fine. I don’t mind boy nicknames on girls. I love [name]Cleo[/name]/[name]Clio[/name] and prefer that to [name]Leo[/name]. There’s [name]Leocadia[/name] if you want some other ways to get to [name]Leo[/name]. My boyfriend is in love with [name]Leocadia[/name] right now.

[name]Cleopatra[/name] is a [name]ONE[/name] WOMAN name in my opinion (eg. [name]Madonna[/name], [name]Cher[/name], [name]Oprah[/name]). She wasn’t exactly an admirable person, was she? She did meet a tragic end by suicide. [name]Cleo[/name] nn [name]Leo[/name] would be more user friendly.

[name]Cleopatra[/name] is a [name]ONE[/name] WOMAN name in my opinion (eg. [name]Madonna[/name], [name]Cher[/name], [name]Oprah[/name]). She wasn’t exactly an admirable person, was she? She did meet a tragic end by suicide. [name]Cleo[/name], [name]Leonie[/name] or [name]Leona[/name] with the nn [name]Leo[/name] would be more user friendly choices.

[name]How[/name] can [name]Cleopatra[/name] be a one-woman name when there were several different ancient Egyptian Cleopatras?

Look how many ancient Cleopatras there were! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleopatra_(disambiguation)

I’ve known a couple different girls/women by this name. I will say it’s the sort of name that sounds a bit “a name for a cat” but so are [name]Sabrina[/name] and [name]Tabitha[/name] and I like both of those on real girls too.

For [name]Leo[/name] I would prefer [name]Leontine[/name] or [name]Leona[/name], or even [name]Leora[/name], but there’s nothing unusable to my ear about [name]Cleopatra[/name].

I vastly prefer [name]Cleo[/name] to [name]Leo[/name].